Astrological Remedies for Marriage

We all know that marriage is decided in the heavens but delays in marriage are believed to be corrected by certain remedies in astrology. Timing of marriage can be found out with the help of astrology. The various factors affecting marriages are houses, degrees, and ascendant and dasha system. The planets Venus and Jupiter are the significations of marriage signifying growth and love. Both Venus and Jupiter are the positive planets.

When Jupiter and Venus are passing through an individual's 7th house or aspecting your 7th house from a certain house is supposed to set off prospect of marriage for the 7th house is being looked by Jupiter the planet of expansion and growth, then that house will be blown up like a balloon and you will see how marriage becomes an important aspect in your life.

Timing of marriage

The wheel of Karma is set for each individual at the time of his or her birth which is witnessed with the rising sign aka ascendant which in turn will show up the concerned zodiac sign and planet influencing the different sectors of life. We are all aware that according to astrology there are 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses where each has its own characteristic feature influencing the different precinct of life like money, wealth, health, marriage, children, education etc.The 7th house in a person's horoscope shows the prospects for marriage.

The 11th house indicates the hopes and wishes for marriage. Horoscope of an individual is mainly dependent on planets and no planet is stationed for all them keep moving.When the planets Sun, Saturn and Venus come in the path of either of the 2nd, 7th, 11th be it in any order then it is supposed to trigger the marriage factor in a person's life. Thus when Saturn is in Leo, the Sun in Taurus and Venus in Capricorn is moving or passing together at the time when a person is 26 years old and in a time frame of 30 days then in this 30 day time frame during which the three planets are put in order then the marriage can be predicted. The Dasha and the time period of a planet are very much essential or play a major role in judging the aspect of marriage in an individual's life.

wishes for marriage
According to astrology the horoscope reading says that in each one of our lives we are being ruled by a certain planet for certain period of time. Say when a person is ruled by the planet Moon for a period for 10 years, then Mars for 7 years, then Rahu for 18 years and if the concerned person is under the dasha of Mars and when Mars is ruling the 7th house similar to the 7th house is Aries or Scorpio, then this will give a major clue if you will get married in this time period or not, but only if you are looking at this period after the age of 18. After various studies and research the astrologers have predicted some common remedies for delay in marriages. But for more specific remedies the horoscope of an individual has to be studied.

2 mukhi
In ancient days there was a trend of very early marriages. But however with the fast changing culture the marriage age for girls and boys are increasing where girls are getting married even in the late 20's or early 30's. When a marriage is delayed intentionally then it is different whereas in spite of all efforts made by the concerned party and the marriage is delayed then we should look for the astrological reasons or the factors which are acting as hindrances in the path of marriage and causing unwanted delays mainly because of the planetary positions. The marriage of a girl or a boy may be delayed by certain doshas known as Manglik Yoga or Kaalsarpa Yoga the astrologers suggest various remedies in which the experts also advice to recite the following Chaupai of Saint Tulsidas 108 times each day till the day we find a remedy and is for sure believed to give a solution for delay in marriages. The mantra is:

'Tab Janakpaivasishthaayesubiyahsaajsamvarikey,


The astrologers also suggest one more remedy which may sound little odd but still the experts say that it works at times. The remedy is to wear the clothes of another girl whose marriage is fixed or going to get married. For quick marriages, astrologers also suggest that on a Friday night to boil eight dried dates and along with the water used for boiling should keep it next to her bed overnight and on the next day morning should immerse everything in a river nearby. This will help the girl finding a partner soon.

The root of the banana tree has to be removed and special pujas has to be done and worshipped on an auspicious day. By doing the pujas the banana root gets highly energized. After this the banana root has to be wrapped in a yellow cloth and kept with the person whose marriage has to take place. Also wearing of a Shivlinga made from Amber gemstone around the neck is suggested for delay in marriages and the Shivalinga should be easily seen by others. Watering of the peepal tree for 43 continuous days and lighting a deepak by adding only pure ghee is supposed to be a good remedy for problems in marriages. This should not be done on Sundays and on menstrual periods for girls.

Turmeric powder is added to the bathing water. This is applicable for both girls and boys and after the bath the boy and the girl should put a tilak on the forehead with saffron. Also girls are asked to wear new clothes at the time of marriage talks where if they are particular about good proposals then the girls are asked to wear yellow clothes on Thursday and white clothes on Friday. This has to be done for 4 continuous weeks and no cloth should be repeated.The Kamdev Rati Yantra is supposed to be really working according to astrology. The person who is going to follow the rati yantra should get up very early in the morning and have his or her bath and then give 'arghya' to Sun God for 7 times. Once this is done arghya is given to Sun God for nearly 7 times.

Now the person is supposed to take a wooden cart and establish Kamdev rati Yantra over a new piece of cloth. This has to be worshipped with panchamopachar. Astrologers also request the person to chant a specific mantra for 1lakh and 25 thousand times. This has to be done with total dedication. When there is an unduly delay in the marriage of a person because of various factors influencing the horoscope then astrology suggests some tantric procedures to be followed. The remedy is effective when it is started on a Tuesday. Two things are mainly required for this and they are mainly Soubhagya Mala and Vivah Badha Niwaran Yantra. Rise early in the morning, take bath and sit with a wooden cart in front of you. Put a new piece of cloth over it and establish the Yantra over it. Clean it first with milk and then water, rinse it with a clean piece of cloth. Offer vermillion, flowers and akshat to Yantra.

Seeking Gurus help is very much required as a remedy. Take water, flower, akshat in the right hand and utter sankalpa, that you are doing it to erase hindrances to quick marriage. Do 11 rounds of Soubhagya Mala with the following mantra for 21 days, without any break. After 21 days are completed, put the Yantra and Soubhagya mala in a river/flowing water. This remedy is sure to remove the hindrances in marriage. When a boy's marriage is delayed then the Dutga Saptashati Mantra is performed. It is always good when all these remedies suggested by astrology are performed by the seeker himself/ herself than by the parents.

Astrologers also suggest to the girl whose marriage is delayed to offer sacred water to Shivalinga and place 108 flowers on top of it for 16 consecutive Mondays in a Shiva temple. They should also dress up as Goddess Parvati, tie the knot between Shiva and Parvati and pray for early marriage. For early marriage, the girl should keep fast for 16 consecutive Mondays and offer sacred water in a Shiva temple.

The girl or the boy should visit Vishnu Laxmi temple on Thursdays and offer Kalangi along with 5 laddoos and pray for quick marriage. Lord Parvathi is offered with red chunni, red bangles and sindur, in fact all things which are required for marriages. Planting a Banana and Pomegranate plant in temple or at any place of worship for expediting the matter will also help you to get married early. Though these are very simple measures suggested by astrology these should be done with devotion and dedication for a better and happy marriage in time.