Astrological remedies using colors

Each color according to astrology signifies a unique and distinct meaning, magnitude and consequence. The basic understanding of colors and its significance in astrology includes the symbolic analysis and the character analysis of a color which is obviously a complex operation. This interpretation of colors in astrology can be done only by an expert who has intensively studied the science.

Each color is associated with a particular planet and hence has different types of qualities in association with the concerned planet and depending upon the influence of the planet the character related with the color keeps varying. The role of color is highly stressed in astrology. Remedies for the positioning of weak planets in a person's birth chart can also be provided by colors apart from the various other resources like mantra, tantra, gem therapy, puja (worship), daan (charity), etc.

colour remedies

The visible light which is a mixture of seven colors gets manifested in violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. So ultimately Sun is the source of all colors where all of the colors travel from the Sun God with different wave lengths with varying energy intensities. Even from ancient Vedic times colors played a major role in astrological remedies. The pujas which were used to be performed by sages and saints used different products associated with different colors and they have also emphasized on it like white rice, green leaves, red vermillion, yellow and red cloth, white sandal wood, red sandal wood and flowers of different colors to appease different planets and gods.

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The visible light which is responsible for the color light can be defined as the most essential source for all the living things in the universe without which any major biogeochemical cycles in the environment cannot takes place. Energy for the Universe and the living things is mainly driven from the Sun from where the color waves originate too. There are lots of scientific researches made to document the significance of colors today. But fortunately even during the period of Vedic astrology and the development of modern science the significance of colors in astrology were discussed.

astrology remedies through colors

When the planets are positioned well in our birth chart then they are termed as good planet whereas when it is placed in the wrong place they are the bad planets.The good planets will help us to aspire in all the endeavors we do. But when a planet is in the wrong place it is sure to bring unfavorable problems in an individual's life. This can be only taken care by time and by performing remedies to please the planet thereby helping the affected to come out of stressful, uncomfortable and painful situations. From the study of Vedic astrology it is predicted that all the planets are divided into auspicious planets and inauspicious planets and each planet reflects rays of different colors. Thus the emitted color from each planet gives a unique appearance to that particular planet.

The most ancient Egyptian, Greek and Babylonian astrological literatures also have made researches based on color astrology. As there is forecasting of lucky number in astrology there is also prediction of lucky color in astrology. Tantras which are used for astrological remedies use fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, grains, pulses, oilseeds, cloths, woods, coal, etc., of different colors for different planets.The planet Sun is a mix of red and orange color which is more commonly predicted as red color. Similarly various planets reflect different colors like the Moon though pale white in color it emits the orange rays of the Sun. Likewise the planet Mercury takes the green color and it scatters green color from it. Whereas though the planet Jupiter is orange yellow in color it emits the blue rays of the VIBGYOR spectrum. Venus emits indigo rays of the spectrum though it is noted for its pure white color. Violet rays of the Sun are emitted by the black colored Saturn planet. In fact the two imaginary planets Rahu and Ketu are also assigned colors where Rahu is black in color and Ketu is brown in color.


Though the color of the Sun is a mix of both orange and red color it is generally referred to be red in color. So when the position of the Sun has to be strengthened in an individual's natal chart and at the time of consideration of the horoscope flowers and other items can be either of red or saffron color. Astrologers also suggest ruby stone for remedy for it is red in color and it signifies features like power and energy. Apart from this red color represents dynamism, originality and inventiveness. At the same too much of red color is also not good and red is not recommended for those having trouble with their heart.


Moon is compared to purity for it is pale white in color which consists of all the seven colors of the spectrum. White color is noted for its purifying properties. Astrologically white color is said to act on the thinking capacity of a person and makes the individual walk towards righteousness and spirituality. As the common saying the excess of anything is not good, when the position of the planet Moon is weak in a person's horoscope and when remedies are suggested by the astrologers they mostly recommend white items like white lotus, jasmine, lily , milk, curd, rice flour, white sandalwood, etc. Pearl is the most common gem stone suggested for those who have a weak Moon because pearl is white in color.


The color radiated from the planet Mars is to an extent yellow in color though the planet is supposed to be red in color. The difference between the red color of the planet Sun and Mars is that the red of the planet Sun is royalty whereas that of the planet Mars signifies violence. Thus when there is a problem with deficiency of Mars it leads to blood -related issues whereas the excess of red indicates accidents and increased antagonism. When the planet Mars is not positioned properly in the birth chart the astrologers generally recommend red or yellow color. The other color related astrological remedies for the planet Mars includes red and pink coral gem stones. Some of the other herbs and grains which are prescribed as remedies include red lentil, ashwagandha (winter cherry), turmeric and onions which coincide with its fiery nature.


The color which is favorable for the planet Mercury is green which implicates balance, peace and hope. The color green is known for its soothing power by relaxing the agitated nerves and mind. The green color is highly recommendable for all those have problems with their heart. Astrologically it is also said to be good for pregnant women. But however too much of green will lead to lack of energy and enthusiasm. Lord Vishnu is the ruling God of the planet Mercury.

For any problem which arises due to weak positioning of the planet Mercury then the astrologers recommend green color basil leaves (tulsi). Some of the other remedy associated with green color includes bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba), passion flower, zizyphus, mint, sage, etc. Green emerald is the recommended gem stone.


The planet Jupiter is always considered to be a beneficial planet and the color associated with Jupiter is yellow or yellowish orange which is supposed to have a positive vibration. The favorable color of Jupiter is quite comforting and it gives vitality and enthusiasm especially to the nervous system of the concerned person. The yellow color influences the intellect of a person. Some of the items related to yellow color which are used as remedy for weakness of Jupiter planet are ashwagandha, yellow flowers, nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashews. Sapphire and yellow topaz are the suggested gemstones for Jupiter related problems.


Saturn gets its color black because of the absence of light in it and the rays which are discharged from Saturn are violet in color. Though black is a tranquil color too much of the same also sometimes leads to depression and dejection. The color black is noted for its defensive and precautionary features. Some of the negative qualities related to black color are hostility, hindrance, antagonism and rivalry. Some of the most common black colored items which are used in treating Saturn related problems are black sesame, urad,shilajit,comfrey root,triphala, herbs including amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki, iron, etc. The compatible gemstone is blue sapphire which is highly risky to recommend because of the fiery nature of the planet.


Though scientifically Rahu is not considered to be a planet but still according to Indian Vedic astrology it is considered as a planet for its influence is very powerful. When a planet comes in coincidence with Rahu or Kethu that is when Kala Sarpa yoga is formed which is sure to cause lot of hindrances leading to failure in most of the things we do. Constant obstacles will lead the individual in not growing in his life. Rahu takes the color of smoke or black and some of the items used in astro remedies for problems related to Rahu are camphor, bayberry, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lotus, etc. Problems related to malefic effects of the Rahu in the weak position of the birth chart are also corrected by Gomedha gem stone.


Like Rahu planet Ketu is also considered to be the shadow planet which takes up the color brown and is not the original color of the spectrum. Some of the brown color related items which are used as astro remedies for Ketu related problems are bayberry, wild ginger, juniper, bhringaraj, skullcap, passion flower, etc. Cat's eye is the recommended gemstone for dealing with Ketu related astrological problems.