Astrological remedies for travelling abroad

The vogue of settling abroad has become very common in most of us and has even exceeded all limitations of late. It has become a dream to settle abroad or at least make lot of foreign countries as travel destinations. The main factor which attracts most of the people to go abroad is because that they make more money and thereby lead a very rich lifestyle there.

The idea of travelling abroad has not come recently but it has sinked in people since ages. Most of us prefer to lead a life of independence and for which a foreign country is the best idea for there are no restrictions or limitations imposed. The liberty to live free, the luxurious lifestyle and the open mindset of people living in most of the other countries have a great earnest request.

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Thus we opt for a country of our own choice either to settle or to do higher studies or to spend vacations and to lead a happy life. The idea and liking for travelling abroad has become an inherent wish and is a common basic human innate stimulus in all of us. Thus there are multiple reasons to travel abroad which also includes experiencing the new culture.The splendid infrastructure, ritzy lifestyle, majestic and eye-catching buildings allure all of us to go abroad. Nowadays travelling abroad has been considered as an acquirement and success in a person's life. So it is very obvious that any normal human being will want to achieve this accomplishment in their life to show a successful path.

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But however it is just not an easy task to travel abroad and settle down for there are lot of constraints even in getting the visa or the entry permit into a country.There are thousands and thousands of people who want to go abroad but it is not possible for everyone, due to external difficulties and also astrological problems. We might be one among those who dream to travel and settle in a foreign country but unfortunately it is not happening at all. If this is the case and if there are obstacles or lot of hindrance in going abroad then there is a lot of remedies given for it in astrology.

Each individual should believe the fact that the stars and the planets in our birth chart play a major role and influences our lifestyle to a great extent.Major importance is been imparted by the positioning of the different planets at the time of a person's birth. The structure of a person's future is shaped based upon the planetary positions which predicts about our life. To be more precise when the birth chart is studied with care by an expert astrologer, they can analyze and find out if there are chances of going abroad for permanent settlement or for at least a visit.

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One should not be astonished to know that the opportunity or chances to travel abroad is governed by the malefic planet Rahu which is antagonistic to Sun but in compatible relationship with Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Thus when the idea of travelling abroad is not happening at all then there is nothing to worry about but take care of the Rahu planet by performing various astrological remedies

suggested by experts in this fields and thus explore the ways to go abroad. Astrologically when the birth chart shows a positive and strong Moon then the probability to go abroad is quite high. The planet Venus also to a greater extent aid us in going to foreign countries.Rahu-Ketu or Shani (Saturn) create conditions that make you settle abroad. Thus the strength and the power of these planets decide your accomplishment of travelling abroad.

Some of the astrological indicators which decide on whether a person will travel to a foreign country or not is the 8th house in a person's birth chart for it is the house of long life and its benefaction. The 8th house is also the watery house and thus plays a major role in determining the anticipation of going to a foreign country. The presence of the dreaded malefic planet Rahu in the 8th house is an indicator or a sign to travel abroad. The dual-natured signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or the movable signs like Cancer, Libra and Capricorn when present in the 9th house, improve the chances of travelling abroad which is very easy when compared to the other signs.

The 12th house also governs to an extent the option of travelling abroad for this particular house represents life away from home and so if the lord of 12th house is inauspicious or debilitated from ascendant, it indicates foreign travels. The 7th house in the birth chart indicates the house of marriage and when this house is analogous with 8th, 9th or 12th house then it predicts that he or she will travel abroad after marriage.

Chanting of Rahu mantra

One of the astro remedies to travel abroad is to please the Lord who rules travel, namely the Rahu planet and for which chanting of the Rahu Mantra is very essential and it is a favorable way to turn the planet towards our assignment. When the Rahu mantra is recited it is said to bring a balance in the cosmic vibrations of Rahu and the hurdles in your way will be removed.

Chanting of Rahu Beej mantra

Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah" is the Rahu Beej mantra. This mantra has to be recited for 18000 times in a duration of 40 days for the result of Rahu showering his blessings on us and make way for our dream to travel abroad.

Chanting of Kalabhairava Ashtakam

This is a general mantra recited to reduce the ill effects caused by the Rahu planet when it is not positioned in the right place in the birth chart leading to Rahu dashas. When the mantra for Kalabhairava Ashtakam is recited on regular basis it reduces the negative effects of the Rahu planet and thereby leading to success and various opportunities for the upcoming of one's life which may also include plans to travel and settle overseas.

Chanting of Durga Saptshati Mantra

The chanting of the Durga Saptshati Mantra is supposed to be very advantageous and works very effectively for the malefic planet Rahu. There are certain rules to be followed at the time of reciting this mantra. The Durga Saptshati Mantra should be recited for 18000 times at night. Puja of Rahu and must be done with blue colored flowers and sandalwood.


Rahu is highly pleased when we donate coconut and Urad dal on Saturdays and visit the Lord Rahu. Donation of oil on Saturdays is meant to please the Lord Saturn or Shani.


Rahu is very much pleased when we worship him and fast on all Saturdays. Once he is impressed with us then he will remove the obstacles in our life path and clear the way and thus provide us with more opportunities and increase the chance of going abroad.

Wear 8 Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha's of different Mukhi is specific for certain remedies. Rudraksha of 8 Mukhi rules the Rahu planet and if there is a weak Rahu in your birth chart or if Rahu is in a malefic effect then it is advisable to wear this 8 Mukhi Rudraksha which is believed to bring joy, luck, stable mind and success in your life and thereby creating more opportunities to travel abroad.


The Hessonite stone which is more commonly known as Gomed is highly recommended to be worn by the astrologers for it receives propitious effects of the planet Rahu. It nullifies or to a great extent reduces the destruction to be caused by Rahu and escalate the positive outcome towards travelling.

Siddha Prayog

This is a remedy suggested by Yogis who were experts in the field of ancient Vedic Astrology. Before commencing this remedy it is said to worship your "Kula Deva" or native God. White sesame seeds and jaggery is taken on a Sankranthi day and put in a mud pot which is then covered with a leaf which has naturally fallen from a peepal tree. It should be noted that the leaf should not be plucked. Once this is done the mud pot should be buried under an Oak tree. After doing this we should not turn back but instead go straight to home and no where else. After reaching home apply some saffron into a bucket of water and have a bath.

Remedy for Jupiter or Guru

When a person's birth chart reveals that the hindrance in travelling abroad is due to afflicted Jupiter, then in astrology the remedy is to take bath with drops of honey added to it. Also it is recommended to wear gold or yellow clothes which will strengthen the planet Jupiter.

Remedy for Shani or Saturn

When the hindrance in going overseas is because of the planet Saturn then the remedies include donation of mustard oil, black cloth, blue sapphire, iron and black on a Saturday and particularly on Shani Amavasya.

Worshipping of ancestors on amavasya and the Sun God is beneficial for those who wish to travel to foreign countries.

Thus all the above mentioned remedies will bless the concerned person and open new world of opportunities and the dream of settling or travelling abroad will finally be fulfilled but the remedies should be performed with utmost devotion. These remedies will reduce the negative effects of Rahu and reveal its positive side to you. You will feel blessed by performing these remedies and the whole new world of opportunities will be opened to you. And over that, your dream of going and settling abroad will finally be fulfilled. Perform these remedies with pure heart and utmost devotion and the time of booking your ticket to your dream destination is not far!!

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