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Sunstone is the State Gem of Oregon (USA), which is a prime source for this beautiful Gem. Generally Sunstone shows a "Schiller" effect where the metallic inclusions reflect light in a blaze of color. Sunstone is metallic in appearance due to the reflective inclusions of red, orange or green crystals. It is composed of oligioclase feldspar and the reflections of light are caused by inclusions of hematite or goethite within the stone.

Sunstone is also known as Aventurine Feldspar. Sunstone is a species of feldspar called "oligoclase" or known sometimes in the jewelry industry as "adventurine feldspar". In addition, sunstone contains small hematite crystals that give it additional sparkle. The sparkle is known as aventuresence.

Physical Properties:


Sunstone Birthstone

orange - gold
Specific Gravity
Refractive Index

Signs of Sunstone: Gemini


It increases vitality and courage and promotes a sunny outlook, enhancing any solar oriented workings. Sunstone strengthens the wearer’s abilities of self-discipline, humility and desire for service to the greater good. It promotes well-being and aliveness, bringing vibrancy and radiating energy.


Sunstone is an ancient gem, in fact Sunstones have been discovered in Viking Burial mounds.Sunstone was used by Magicians in the past, to invoke the energies associated with the Sun. In ancient Greece, it was thought to represent the Sun God, bringing life and abundance to those fortunate enough to carry/wear it. The Native people in Oregon used it for trade and barter.


Finland, Canada, India, Madagascar, and Oregon, USA, South Norway and Russia.