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An extremely powerful activator for the crown and higher crown chakras, Phenacite produces a 'fountain effect' in which golden energy pours in from the highest realms of being. It assists in understanding the deepest meaning of a dream as it is occurring. It takes you to the core of a problem and can assist in travelling back to before it occurred, in this or any other life, to reframe the whole experience and move forward as though it had never happened. With one of the highest crystal vibrations yet discovered, phenacite connects personal consciousness to a suprafrequency and contacts the angelic realms and the Ascended Masters.

It resonates with the etheric body, activates the light body and facilitates the ascension process. This crystal heals the soul. With different properties depending on its source and colour, Madagascan Phenacite is interdimensional and intergalactic, while that from Brazil often has its own ‘crystal guardian’.

Phenacite works at a subtle level, purifying the body and clearing energy pathways. Downloading information from the Akashic Record via the etheric blueprint, it activates healing from the etheric body to the physical and brings about multidimensional cellular healing. Phenacite has the power to amplify the energy of other healing crystals.

Physical Properties:


Phenacite Birthstone

Crystal System
Madagascar, Russia, Zimbabwe, Colorado, Brazil
Crown and higher crown

Sign of Phenacite:Gemini

Phenacite is a stone that can be used by anyone who desires an increase in their personal growth. If you are on a path of ascension then this is a stone that will aid your growth in that area. This stone is one that will move processes more quickly. For assistinglLightbody activation using this stone in meditation will bring through an amazing flow of energy that will result in totally new spiritual experiences. If you have been doing spiritual or alchemical healing work on yourself with the end result being ascension you will be aided by this stone.

Phenacite can bring the way of love, the way of being, into ones physical reality. Placement of the stone above the crown chakra can provide a noticeable flowing energy. It is an excellent stone for healing. Application of Phenacite to any chakra produces an expedient clearing, cleansing, and activating effect.

Usage:Multidimensional healing. Works beyond the physical plane.

Tiny Phenacite crystals may be relatively inexpensive to buy. Although they do not have the intense energy that the others have they still are very powerful stones.

Occurrence: The best U.S. specimens are from Mt. Antero, Colorado, in pegmatitic pockets in short-prismatic, commonly penetration-twinned crystals, associated with beryl, fluorite, and quartz. Also near Colorado Springs at several localities in the Cheyenne Mountains district in rhombohedral-habit crystals often perched on microcline feldspar, with smoky quartz.