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Chrysoprase, the most valuable variety of crypto/microcrystalline quartz (chalcedony) is composed chemically almost entirely of silicon dioxide. Chrysoprase is often referred to as Australian Jade due to its wonderful green color. It is often used for beads, cabochons and cameos.

Chrysoprase is apple green chalcedony. The shade of green is due to nickel.


It enhances the physical body in healing in order to produce visible results. Increases fertility and assists the body in being receptive to the energy necessary to pro or co-create. It facilitates self-expression and courage and the ability to use them wisely. Uplifts heart center and gives greater flexibility, wisdom, generosity, self-confidence. This stone is often considered a good luck stone or charm when worn or held and to treat disorders of the pancreas, liver and kidneys. Chrysotile is very durable and well suited for virtually all jewelry settings. It facilitates out-of-body journeys.

Physical Properties:


Chrysoprase Birthstone

Pale lemon yellow to pale green
Specific Gravity
2.65 - 2.66
refractive index

Sign of Chrysoprase: Gemini


Chrysoprase was said said to be a "Victory Stone." In the 1800's, Chrysoprase was said to help thieves become invisible. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians

used this material for signets and seals as well as jewellery during early times. Chrysoprase of high quality

has been produced commercially since the early 1960s from the Marlborough district of central Queensland, some 90 km to the northwest of Rockhampton.


North and South America, and Australia.Austria, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Russia, and USA (California).