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A high-vibration stone and a teacher for the New Age, Celestite brings divine energy into the environment and stimulates spiritual development and metaphysical abilities. It stresses trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine. Healing the aura, it promotes purity of heart and maintains harmonious atmosphere in times of stress.

Celestite assists dysfunctional relationships, opening a space for negotiation and urging greater openness to new experiences.

With its calming effect, Celestite cools fiery emotions and synthesizes the intellect with the instincts, promoting mental balance. It provides excellent support when speaking in front of large crowds removing the fear of crowds or stage-fright.

Celestite brings hope and faith to a world, especially in these times, that God has created everything for purposeful good. It brings a bright hope and a sense of knowing that everything will be OK. This is another stone that can be used for good luck, good fortune. It can be used by those who wish to take a chance with some endeavor where they know the outcome could be in their best interest. It is an excellent tool to use in the pursuit of the finer arts - painting, music, sculpture, jewelry, designing, etc. One of the finest qualities of Celestite is its ability to bring one into a state of bliss.

Physical Properties:


Celestite Birthstone

Crystal System
Peru, UK, Egypt, Mexico, Poland, Libya, Madagascar
Throat, third eye, crown, higher crown
2, 8

Sign of Celestite: Gemini

Element: Air

This blue crystal formation was brought forth from the Pleiades. They started off with one little star seed. Moisture causes the termination point to be rounded. There were only 100 million geodes actually planted on earth. Some were planted in San Bernadino, California, Saginaw, Michigan and Madagascar. The prettiest, with the darkest, richest blue color are found in Madagascar. Pleiadian water has a high iron content. The earth is a red matrix, clay base in Madagascar and turned the crystal blue. These blue celestites are used to speak your truth. You can't tell a lie holding this. Others will detect the untruth. Celestite is a favorite among mineral collectors. Its sky blue (or celestial) color is very pretty, and is unique in the mineral kingdom. Celestite also forms with other colorful minerals, making very nice combinations. Blue Celestite with bright yellow sulfur is one of the most famous colorful combinations of minerals.


The arts, worry, conflict resolution, peaceful coexistence, balance, alignment, mental clarity, pain, detoxification, mental torment, eyes, ears, cellular order, muscle tension, throat,etc.


Celestites can be used to access the archangels in the dream state. Also, they may be placed on the throat chakra to increase communication skills.


U.S. (Lake Erie region of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania or New York; Colorado; Texas), Canada, Madagascar, Sicily, Germany, England.