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Virgo- Cancer Compatibility

Cancer is patient and willing to accept, Virgo will not be happy with quick and sloppy work. Virgo is too much of a perfectionist to do things in a hurry. Cancer is easily hurt and hypersensitive, so a Cancerian should not be criticized when he errs. Virgo is not too demonstrative, when it comes down to expressing feelings of love and affection.
Virgo-Cancer Compatibility
If the Crab is clever enough, they'll be able to win their Virgoan over their own wonderful ways of caring and sharing and the relationship will work .But if the Virgo doesn't respond in the requested way, they'll both be very frustrated folk. The problem between these two is that Cancerians are sensitive, emotional and feeling folk, whereas Virgos think all the time and rationalize everything to excess.They'll work out the whys and wherefores of every single situation, including all things romantic, while Crabs rush in where angels fear to tread and see things in a defensive way.

Virgo Man & Cancer Woman Compatibility
Virgo Woman & Cancer Man Compatibility

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