The Taurus woman and the Virgo man like a secured life and this brings them together. The Taurus woman would bring out the passionate nature of the Virgo man.She would also appreciate the organizing nature of the Virgo man. The going would be easy as both are earthy signs. Focus would always be on routine and possessions in life. However there would be some cross-fire between the casual Taurus woman and the clean-freak Virgo guy.
Taurus Woman-Virgo Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Virgo Couple

• Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton

• Barbara Streisand and Elliot Gould

• Cindy McCain and John McCain

Compatibility for Romance

Both are practical when it comes to romance in this combination.

The Vigo man usually gives a position of importance to the Taurus woman partner. He would be protective of her and sensitive to her feelings. The Virgos are generally highly passionate. But then the Taurus's hunger for romance and passion would be many fold. There would be a satisfactory level here with this duo.

Compatibility for Friendship

Both the Virgo man and the Taurus woman are very sincere and devoted for each other. Hence there would be better compatibility when both involved in the relationship are friends. They have many shared interests. They have a relaxed demeanor when they are together. Virgo man who is practical and methodical would be patient to his Taurus friend.

Compatibility for Marriage

This is a good combination for marriage. Both have good values and earthy possessions mean a lot to them both. They together work to achieve the same and hence better compatibility would play a major role in this combination. The Virgo male would be very intense and committed in marriage while the Taurus woman would be a patient personality and hence a conducive atmosphere prevails in this area.

Compatibility for Sex

Better compatibility for sexual activity is found in this duo as both fall under earthy signs. Touching and physical sensual pleasures would be the forte for this combination. Each tries to satisfy the other to the maximum level possible. Sex would be taken as a duty by the Virgo male while the Taurus woman has no lack in expressing herself sensually to her partner.

The End game

When this duo finds that this is the end of the game, then the Virgo male is in for a major nervous breakdown. The Taurus partner has to help him overcome the same. Here the Virgo man would be the main cause for the breakup as the Taurus female is easy to live with. Rating 3/10