This Taurus man with Virgo woman is a good combination to get along. There would be stability and cordiality in this relationship. They live in their own world unharmed and un-influenced by the world outside. The ambience would be genuine, both would be reliable and ward off any changes or exciting moments.They love to do their routine works together and are untouched by outside influences.
Taurus Man-Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Virgo Couples

• Daniel Day Lewis and Rebecca Miller

• Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklaar

• Tim McGrath and Faith Hill

• Tony Blair and Cherie Booth

• Will Arnett and Amy Poehler

Compatibility for Romance

Romance comes naturally for this duo of Taurus man and Virgo woman. Both are equally lusty and flirtatious in this relationship. But then the Virgo woman knows how to keep it under check while the Taurus man is likely to express it in a very harsh or raged tone. The Virgo woman handles the bull gently and hence the issue gets sorted out easily.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Taurus man and the Virgo woman make up for good friends in life. Since both are earthy signs they share common interests on an earthy level. They like doing routine day--to- day affairs together without much humbug. They are very c-operative and beautifully follow the other's instructions that this would be one of the best duo for friendship.

Compatibility for Marriage

This combination would be an ideal one for a compatible marriage. Each one knows his or her boundaries, limits and responsibilities in the marriage. Both would be practical and routine works and children, finances would be handled together on a smooth pace. The Taurus man and the Virgo female make good parents and loyal partners in a marriage. They do not hide anything and the relationship would be quite transparent but opaque to the outside world.

Compatibility for Sex

There would be a good level of compatibility in this combination when it comes to sex and its after-effects. The Taurus man takes time to read his Virgo woman's mind. She on the other hand needs to be patient to bring the bull to the water. She has to teach him the nuances of the act as the Taurus male is usually not much bent on the intricacies of the act involved. With time he gets well-trained by the Virgo lady.

The End game

The Taurus man and the Virgo woman are unlikely to break-up even at the remotest opportunity. This is because both are not over-reactive and are very practical and down to earth. If by chance they part ways then the Taurus slowly ends the game in a steady manner. The Virgo might handle the situation very nervously as she is not quite used to this .. Rating 10/10