A Taurus man and a Cancer woman make a compatible relationship. Both are very emotional, sentimental and security-conscious that the going would be easy here. The Cancer woman provides a warm and cosy atmosphere at home and he would be providing the much-needed security for the household. Both are family-centric and make sure that it is a haven of sorts.
However if one of them becomes irresponsible and takes risks then there would be temper tantrums at home. Both are more bent on a happy and satisfied life and do not venture into unknown territory. They like to hoard things and cling on to age-old traditions and customs.

Taurus Man-Cancer Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Cancer Couples

• Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

• Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston

• Anthony Quinn and Katherine DeMille

• Jack Klugman and Brett Somers

• George Michael and Linda Ronstadt

Compatibility for Romance

Though a Taurus man and a Cancer woman are much committed and understanding there would not be an explicit show of romance and passion . Protection and security is the keyword in this relationship and hence they find no time to romance and sing around the trees. Passion is something that is not displayed outwardly here.

Compatibility for Friendship

A Taurus male and a Cancer female become friends easily but it would not survive long enough. There would be some misunderstandings because they interfere too much into the privacy o the other. Each one demands from the other and hence the camaraderie needed for a long lasting friendship would be lost here.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Taurus man and the Cancer woman make up a compatible marriage. Their life revolves around their partners, children and their immediate family members and their security for the long term. Not much hindrances and hitches would come on the way and this would be more of a predictable relationship that is compatible enough.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex and physical bonding is very much of food and water to this duo. They have a strong physical attraction. They have specific connections, postures and foreplays involved here from which there would not be much straying.

The End game

When things go wrong in this combination there would be a lot of tears and emotions being shed. Each would have the insecure feeling about the financials and the family split. Though they might go their own ways there would be a common ground that holds them together which might be children or finances.

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