Compatible Signs

This section is here to provide you all the answers you need to know about your love life and your compatibility with the different sun sign natives in the zodiac cycle which are at a fixed distance apart or in different aspects.

Not only does this section predict your love life and compatibility based on

your sign aspects, it also gives the key features of such a relationship. This section gives the compatibility prospects for all the 7 different combinations of the zodiac cycle.

How will you get along with your heart-throb based on your spatial placement in the zodiac? We at have got just the right answer for you. Armed with astrological principles, we have arrived at the love prospects.

Check out what you have in store in terms of your sign-position relationship- be it dating, single, looking for love or just trying to figure it out...

In astrological principles, the distance between two zodiac signs in the horoscope forms an angle which is termed as an aspect. The aspects might be either harmonious or inharmonious based on their relative positions.

There are seven possible aspects between the sun-signs and this is one of a major attributes that decides the compatibility between two individuals.

The seven compatibility combinations are :

Twin relationship Awkward relationship
Best friend Relationship Friction-prone relationship
Easy-going relationship Strange relationship
Opposite relationships