Best Friend Relationship

Two signs apart- Best friend relationship

(Sextile 60 deg)

Love Matches:

Aries: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Taurus: Pisces, Cancer

Gemini: Aries, Leo

Cancer: Taurus, Virgo

Leo: Gemini, Libra

Virgo: Cancer, Scorpio

Libra: Leo, Sagittarius

Scorpio: Virgo, Capricorn

Sagittarius: Libra, Aquarius

Capricorn: Scorpio, Pisces

Aquarius: Sagittarius, Aries

Pisces: Capricorn, Taurus

The match

It would be good to live with a person who is two zodiac signs away from you. This is termed as sextile relation where the zodiac signs are 60 deg apart from each other. Here the elements would be quite compatible. You would be sharing values and attributes that are perfectly aligned. You make good friends. Better communication is guaranteed. If this relationship is suited for love and marriage would be a debate. It has its own challenges though en-route.

Celebrity Profiles

Victoria and

David Beckham


John F. Kennedy and

Jacqueline Kennedy

OJ simpson and Nicole brown simpson

Sonam and Anand

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Latanya Richardson

Samuel L Jackson

Hrithik Rosan and Suzanne Khan

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston

Alia and Sidharth

Spears and Justin Timberlake

Adam Levine and

Behati prinsloo

Key points of this relationship

You make good friends with mutual gains.

You learn better communication skills.

You are taught as to how to speak and listen to others.

Helps you to keep the flames burning.

There is not much pressure on you and you are at ease.

Friendship would be blossoming into love and romance.