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Scorpio- Scorpio Compatibility

This double combination of emotions strengthen strong feelings, desires, emotions and passions which both have. So with great desire and purpose they can achieve great things. If not, violent clashes are likely.There is a touch of both the saint and the devil in this combination or union. When two Scorpios get together, they do not beat about the bush. On some enchanted evening, these two will be strangers across a crowded room one minute and off to the nearest bedroom the next, leaving a cloud of steam behind them.

Scorpio-Scorpio Compatibility
They both need extremes of emotion, magical mysteries and inescapable intensity.The energy they emanate may be hidden from sight, but it will be bubbling under the surface, ready to well up and cause a commotion at any moment. They'll protect each other as only fixed signs can do, but the moment one of them betrays the other's trust, then all hell breaks out. Once they've paired up, the Scorpio couple will be hell-bent on holding their relationship together, no matter what calamity comes along. Scorpios are sensationally superstitious and both of these kissing cousins believe in destiny.They will feel that they were destined for each other and that their love was written in the stars.

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