Though differences are common between a Capricorn man and a Sagittarius woman, they seem to have something between them that binds them together. However the long term prospects are under scrutiny. The Sagittarius girl's love of freedom and independence is likely to smother the conservative Capricorn guy. He is a very possessive fellow who wants his girl all for himself but she is a flirt.

She likes adventure and socializing while he is an introvert. An intelligent approach to the outside topics keeps them together. The Sagittarius girl has the ability to take the Capricorn guy out of his work to play and enjoy life in all its beauty. Both of them are career-oriented and make a successful couple for any outsider.

Sagittarius Woman-Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Sagittarius-Capricorn Couple

• Darryl Hannah and Val Kilmer

Compatibility for Romance

Romance is completely out of question here with this pair as they have set their mindset elsewhere.

Together they are more bent towards success in the career side that this side of their life gets a beating. Passion is also not found here despite the Capricorn guy showing some signs of this. The Sagittarius girl makes all attempts to get rid of the unreliable passion in him.

Compatibility for Friendship

The compatibility for friendship is great between a Capricorn man and a Sagittarius woman when they come together as friends. Thee would be mutual respect and trust and a life long relationship. Both know how to manage the relationship as friends and nurture it in a positive note.

Compatibility for Marriage

There would be absolute compatibility in the marriage between a Sagittarius woman and a Capricorn man. They are good in relating to each other. They share interests that binds them together. There would be mutual respect for the partner's kith and kin. Together they can be see to socialize around. The Capricorn guy loves the way the Sagittarius girl puts herself to his side of the society with ease.

Compatibility for Sex

Much compatibility can be seen when sex is involved between a Capricorn man and a Sagittarius woman. They have an outstanding performance here. It is a mode of communication that they share among themselves, protected pristine from outside influence. Every time they get together it would be a new experience for this duo.

The End game

This relationship is not likely to end but when it happens to end then there would be no rapprochement. However they stay as good friends for life. The rock-hearted Sagittarius girl and the Capricorn guy who is much philosophical would relish the good times they had together and the good things they had learnt from each other. Rating 10/10