This team of Sagittarius with Sagittarius is active, enthusiastic, and optimistic lively team. Together they generate an atmosphere of restless activity and excitement, so that life will move fast.Both like freedom and independence, so unless they pull together and constantly reinforce the partnership there is a chance they will drift apart. Monetary and too many ties are their enemies.
Sagittarius-Sagittarius Compatibility

Together, most Sagittarius have a hankering for far-flung places.They won't think twice about emigrating, if that's what takes their fancy or they could work in another country for a short spell just to see what it's like. These two need to share a challenge of some sort, whether it's joining up for a journey of the mind or the body. If they don't want to set sail for the wide blue yonder, they could find a philosophical fact to work on and discuss for hours on end. If they can form this adventurous alliance, they'll cement a firm foundation for their love that will see them through thick and thin.

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