When a Sagittarius man and a Sagittarius woman are in a relationship much compatibility can be seen. Both would be highly adventurous and extroverts that there would not be any personal or private interests. They are very enthusiastic and have a positive approach to anything in life. Together they have fun and laughter and good times for long.
Sagittarius Man-Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Compatibility for Romance

For Sagittarius, romance is just out of syllabus as they do not take it too seriously. They think it as a waste of time and a mystery best left to fend for itself. They have much to do on a humanitarian level rather than running around the bush with a love song.. But being fiery signs there is much passion seen here but it is not

directed towards the partner but towards life as a whole and the universe at large. They just have mutual passion for adventure and physical activities. Both are highly curious and like to learn about new things in life.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Sagittarius man and a Sagittarius woman make good compatible friends in life. They make great travel buddies and are excited by adventure. They share mutual interests in life and this keeps them going as best friends for life. They have much in common that great friends need.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Compatibility for marriage with this pair would be just great. Bu marriage is not a formal connection to hang onto in life. The duo take life as it comes its way and are not bothered by the intricacies and details. They just keep rolling with time in a positive mood. They live their own personal lives and just take time to get along with their partner when the situation warrants it. There would be no hard feelings or grouses held for long.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be a time of adventure and enjoyment for this couple that greater compatibility can be found here. They do not have any inhibitions or guilt over the act. It is just a physical adventure that binds both their minds and souls together. Together they enjoy this ultimate pleasure with mutual consent.

The End game

The end of this relationship can be noticed when each one tries to spend more time in the outside world than in the house. But both do not hold any bad feelings. Even if they decide to formally terminate the relationship , the process takes a long time as both are not much for it. However children and mutual resources are not affected by the split.

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