Both the signs have great differences in nature. Without good communication cancer will be isolated because Sagittarius is far too wayward and freedom-loving.Sagittarius is mentally, emotionally and physically independent which can make Cancer feel insecure. Both are generous in different ways, Cancer tends to cling, which causes Sagittarius to feel smothered or trapped.
When this twosome first meet, they can have a terrific time together..They'll think they have made it. But almost from the moment they tie the nuptial knot, the rot will set in.

Sagittarius-Cancer Compatibility

This duo have desperately different outlooks on life, with the Cancerian always hankering for habits and preferring the familiar, because it's safer and the Archer always off in search of pastures new, because they always want to know what's round the next corner. If they can't sort something out, they might both decide that it's just not worth the bother. The Sagittarians captivating candidness can become bruising bluntness and that's something Cancerians can't cope with.

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Sagittarius Man

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Sagittarius Woman

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