Father Compatibility

A good dad or father imparts life skills that turn a little child into an expert adult later on in life. No wonder some of us worship our fathers.

Honor your father by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of fathers. So what makes a father compatible with his wards? The zodiac signs of fathers mean a lot to us individuals. Based on the sunsigns, our fathers perform and bring about a compatible environment around us..

Aries Father An Aries father makes a good leader and is quite authoritative. He teaches his children everything that is legitimate. He takes great pride from his kids. Would be very caring and loving. He however finds it difficult to cope with failures in his kids' life.

Taurus Father The Taurus father is known for his stability and calm demeanour. He likes to give the best to his kids. He lays down rules for them and if not followed would lose his temper. He hates being rejected by his children. Loyalty, values and traditions mean a lot to him.

Gemini Father TA Gemini father is more like a big brother to his children rather than being a father figure. He likes to play and have fun with his kids. He is not much worried about his children. He would have a good conversation with his children often. But most of the time would be busy with his own works..

Cancer Father The Cancer dad is more of a family type, would sometimes take on the role of a mother as well. He loves to care and nurture his children in the right spirits. He is very close to his children and mentor them with wisdom and knowledge. Might have issues when children leave him.

Leo Father A Leo father takes pride in his children and gives them the best in life. He wants them to occupy the best positions in society, probably the limelight. Sometimes he turns stubborn and authoritative. Demands loyalty from them and would be a bit strict with their works and routine.

Virgo Father The Virgo dad is more bent on giving good education and teaching new skills to his kids. He keeps an eye on their mischief though. Sometimes he would be more into his works and does not concentrate on his children. He also has issues related to showing his affection to his wards.

Libra Father A Libra father is interested in the physical activities of his children. He is very loving and caring. But he also asks for his private space and time. Sometime the Libra father becomes more obsessive with his work that he ignores his children altogether. He is more related to older children than with the younger ones.

Scorpio Father The Scorpio father is very loving and provides security to his children. He is more concerned about the family staying together. Occasional control issues might arise in the family and the Scorpio dad keeps no secrets to himself.

Sagittarius Father Sagittarius fathers are fun-loving and indulge their family in adventure and games. He would be very straight-forward that might bring some difficulties at home. Sometime he acts irresponsibly and he has pressures of being a father at times.

Capricorn Father A Capricorn father is very caring and loves to have fun with his kids. At the same time he is firm with them and is a responsible father. However some Capricorn dads might become workaholics and neglect their children. They also have issues adjusting with the young ones.

Aquarius Father An Aquarius father gives total freedom to his kids and teaches them responsibility in life. He enjoys adventure together with them. They are always found active and want their kids to be the same. But then they become totally insecure when they find their kids in trouble.

Pisces Father A Pisces father is loving, warm and kind to his kids. He encourages them to be more social in life. However he does not push them against their wishes. He loves to have a house filled with activities all day round. But then some Pisces dads would be very sensitive, emotional and unpredictable at times.

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