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Every year Father’s Day falls on the 16th of June, but this day is generally dismissed as any other day. Compare it with the hype around Mother’s Day…The bond between a mother and child is very unique. They love their children unconditionally and bear the responsibility of the entire family on their shoulders. In general, fathers are not given their due share of credits in the family though a father plays an important role in the overall development of a child. Though fathers seem to be behind the scene, they are loving and doting and give guidance for the children in times of need.

Having a healthy relationship with one’s father is very vital for a happy home. When we value the relationship with our father, every day becomes Father’s Day !!

Did you know that your Sun sign or the zodiac sign you were born in decides the relationship you have with your father. The 9th house of the natal chart rules over father and paternal relationships. Let us give our due credit to fathers by checking out what astrology has to say about our paternal relationship.

In astrology, the luminary Sun rules over one’s father. Hence the sign it occupies and the aspects it makes in the natal chart will determine what role our father would play in our lives and how he would influence us. Here’s how the different zodiac signs would perceive their father and paternal relationship.


If you are an Aries then you have a father who pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to try out new things. He gives a good push for you and challenges you occasionally, so that you would be more assertive and aggressive. You share a special kind of bond with your father and love to reminisce the good times with your father.


For a Taurus born native, father is one who gives stability and security in life. He would be the one on whom they can rely on in times of need. There would be a close bond with father and they can easily reach out to him over any issues under the Sun. Though father might be a bit stubborn and unyielding he would show his affection by his affectionate acts.


For Geminis, father would be a person who has a good sense of humor and who makes a good conversation. They can rely on their father to cheer them up when things are not good. Generally, a Gemini’s father would be a bit detached from the native. Together they go on adventure and spiritual tours though.


Cancers perceive their father to be very caring, nurturing and loving. They pick on the energy of their father just like that. Their fathers understand or sense their needs without being told and they are very protective and thoughtful in nature. Natives love to spend the outdoors with their father.


For a Leo, the father would be a person of much ego, but then this is a sweet bond. He would be a person who loves fun but at the same time is ready to take risks in life. He would be very warm and usually has a big heart. Together this duo would love to watch movies and share culture and history lessons.


Virgos presume their father to be constantly criticising them, despite engaging in meaningful discussions with them. This might frustrate the natives at times. However, this father would be very helpful in times of need and would do small acts of kindness and services frequently. They like hanging out with their fathers.


Libras perceive their father to be a positive figure who tries to stay out of any conflicts in life. They are more than a friend to the natives. But such fathers cannot handle serious situations and there might be some imbalance in their relationship. It would be a volatile relationship with several ups and downs.


Scorpios generally do not know their father much in that their fathers seem like a mystery figure for them. Such fathers are very secretive and quiet. However they are very protective of their children and are very intense in feelings. Scorpios get to enjoy fun with their fathers and also stay motivated. Their fathers are usually very flashy or showy.


The Sages have a father who is very adventurous and free-spirited. They are given the utmost freedom in life to choose what is best for them. Their dads involve them in political and spiritual works. They make sure that their kids’ temper is kept under check. Together they enjoy the outdoors.


If you are a Capricorn, then your father has a major role in moulding your future. Natives have a sense of reverence and respect for their father. Their fathers are generally very strict in nature and the Caps end up in social works.


Aquarius have a dad who is very orthodox and he does not care what the world thinks about him and natives end up the same as well. There would be some detachment with father for the natives. But they make efforts to gel with their father. Generally, Aquarius folks have an understanding father.


Pisces people feel an emotional disconnect with their father. Their fathers have a weak influence over their lives. In some cases, natives enjoy fun times with their father and together they love travelling. This would be an honest connection where there would be constructive criticism of each other.

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