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Pisces- Taurus Compatibility

Lots of friendship, affection or love can be shared and they both appreciate beauty, pleasures and good things of life. Each can help the other because Taurus is practical whereas Pisces is a dreamer. When problems arise, clear thinking is clouded by too much emotion. That beautiful bull will be able to turn on the passion and the protection in divine dollops that will be large enough to satisfy even the most demanding Piscean.And their innate sensitivity and refinement will make the Taurean feel that at last they've found someone else who can appreciate the finer details of life.

Pisces-Taurus Compatibility
These two will give into each other's whims and they might be watching the weather forecast one minute and the next they'll be overcome by passion and fantasy and have to make powerfully passionate love right there on the rug. The bull will be as romantically inclined as her fishy fellow and hearts and flowers will be strewn all over the path of passion when they're together. This couple are kindred spirits and the partnership has the potential to get better and better, the longer it lasts.

Pisces Man & Taurus Woman Compatibility
Pisces Woman & Taurus Man Compatibility

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