This is an unusual combination. Both are different for most people and feel sometimes a misfit except with other Aquarians and Pisceans.There will be at least two sides to the combination, firstly, the superficial layers of association appear to be quite ordinary and normal; secondly the unseen, hidden interplay of psychological force makes an obscure and highly complex relationship.
The fish could have a fun future if their aquarian belongs to the Saturn side of the sign and if they have Venus or mars in pootchy Pisces as well,life could be lovely.But what about the uranians?Well, any Pisces who's looking for love and lust to a fantastically fairy-tale degree could have a frenetic fandango with an unusual uranian, but it might not last long.

Pisces-Aquarius Compatibility

You see, what these fantasial fish really want out of life is rhapsodic romance and lashings of love in its most feeling and fervent form.Uranians aren't exactly imbued with either of those emotions and the nearest some of them can get to creating an atmosphere of amour is when they burn a couple of joss-sticks at midnight.If this relationship is going to work,this couple must find a happy medium, with the water carrier being more tender and the fish lowering their expectations of a ravishing romance. spite of that, a fishy female can do quite well with an aquarian man, especially if her Venus in airy aquarius.But she may still be too saucy and spicy for her mate's taste.It could be a bit of a heartbreaker the other way round,though.Remember that Pisces are always willing to be martyrs for amour.

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