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Libra and Virgo Compatibility

There is an apparent contract between them. They both are fastidious and seek some degree of perfection. Emotion and mind complement each other. Libra aims to achieve balance and beauty, so it is not likely to provoke the critical side of Virgo. For loving Librans, it's a case of their hearts ruling their heads.The virgos, though, are the other way round and their heads tell their hearts what to do. So when these two ask each other for an emotional attachment it'll be a clash between Venusian love and Virgoan logic.
Libra-Virgo Compatibility
Luscious Librans need a love that isn't too steamy on the sexual side. And Virgoans need a pristine pairing.The Virgoans are mesmerisingly matter-of-fact in the realms of romance and can limit their litanies of love to once a year or only on high days and holidays.Their romantic restraint can send their Libran lovers into a frustrated flurry.

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