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Libra- Taurus Compatibility

Bond between the Taurus and the Libra will depend on feelings and affections or mutual appreciation of beauty and finer things of life. Harmony is their common point and they avoid provocation. Diplomatic Libra can tactfully manipulate stubborn Taurus. They both need pleasures and luxuries. Because they're both ruled by Venus- the planet of love, it makes them exude energy in different directions.Taureans belong to the earth element, so Venus will make them more tactile and supremely sensuous. But because Librans are air signs they are like peaches and cream, honey and roses.
Libra-Taurus Compatibility
The Bulls and their balanced buddies have a lot in common.They both want an existence that's perfectly peaceful and an atmosphere with their amour that's buzzing with beauty, not brickbats. If they rule out the realms of romance and become business partners or something similar, the Venusian influence may not be strong enough to keep them ticking over together and they could drift off in different directions.

Libra Man & Taurus Woman Compatibility
Libra Woman & Taurus Man Compatibility

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