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Libra- Libra Compatibility

These Libras are practical, realistic, qualities, and each likes to have an organized routine, it is easy to fall into a rut. Neither will make impossible emotional demands on the other but each should avoid nagging or finding faults with the other.None can picture what they are up to and there'll be a big question mark hanging over their heads.They make love through the miracle of modern technology.The accent of this amour is on analysis.

Libra-Libra Compatibility
Even when they're really turning on the heat in the boudoir, they'll still be discussing a few facts and figures. And when they both like a good read, they'll have a night in with the encyclopedia Britannia, to give their brains a good airing. After all, they're both ruled by Mercury, so they'll be intelligent inamorata.

Libra Man & Libra Woman Compatibility
Libra Woman & Libra Man Compatibility

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