The Leo woman and the Aquarius man share a compatible relationship in life. If the Leo woman would give the Aquarius man his due share of freedom and teach him the intricacies of a bond then there would be no issues. The Leo girl wants attention, love and warmth which the Aquarius guy should be more than willing to offer, but it is not his usual cup of tea.
If both stay away from criticism then there would be bliss with this combo. They share better chemistry and there would be alternating moments and of hot and cold endeavors. The daring Aquarius guy just sweeps off his lioness by his thrills.

Leo Woman-Aquarius Man Compatibility

Famous Leo-Aquarius Couple

• Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

• Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds

• Gracie Allen and George Burns

Compatibility for Romance

There would be much romance and passion involved in this relationship.

The erotic Leo girl has much romance and passion under her sleeves that there would be not dearth for the same. But then occasional rifts would also be visible with this combination.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Leo woman and the Aquarius man make better friends in life. The Aquarius guy is comfortable with the friendship because he is not much interested in too much of romance and too much commitment to partner. The Leo girl on the other hand is not much into friendship deals. She wants romance and a dominant role to play. Hence it would be a tricky pair to get on the friendship bandwagon.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Leo female and the Aquarius male make up a good pair when it comes to marriage compatibility. The initial attraction would be great but then with time it shows some signs of falling off. But their humor clears up the mess they have created. If the Leo girl would not demand too much attention from him and he in turn does not ask for too much freedom then the marriage would last long.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be a highly compatible affair between a Leo woman and an Aquarius man. It would be a highly satisfying and entertaining act for both of them. Though the Leo girl sticks to conventional methods, the Aquarius guy has lots of tricks up his sleeves. The duo are great in experimenting with new ideas in this area.

The End game

The end of the relationship would be very terrible. Finances would be one of the bone of contention for this duo. When the Aquarius guy discovers that the end is near be just bids goodbye and is out for fresh air of freedom. The Leo girl worries over the waste of time and resources on him. She would be a major loser in this game. Rating 8/10