A Gemini woman and a Sagittarius man though not much compatible for life can drag along by their sheer conversational skills. Though their emotional levels differ, on a mental scale they balance each other. The flirting Gemini usually knocks off the Sag guy. Being opposite signs they are likely to attract each other but then their undemonstrative behavior would create rifts in the relationship. Socializing is a common topic for both to hang on together.
Gemini Woman-Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Sagittarius Couple

•Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

•Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

•Isabella Rossellini and Martin Scorsese

•Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes

Compatibility for Romance

There would not be much compatibility on a romantic level with this duo. The Sagittarius man is not one to romance around. But then the Gemini girl just yearns for it. She has to try all tricks and means to bring out the passionate nature of the Sag guy to the fore.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Gemini female and the Sagittarius male are not known to make great friends. Sagittarius wants freedom and independence and also Gemini hates intruding of sorts. Hence both like to have the going solo. Though Gemini likes to be friends with the Sag guy by her conversational skills, the Sagittarius guy is not one to yield to her whims and fancies.

Compatibility for Marriage

Though initially things would be all rosy between a Gemini woman and a Sagittarius man in marriage, with time things turn sour. They would be constantly at loggerheads. Sagittarius wants her to be grounded at all times, but the Gemini girl is not one for this. She is not home-bound or committed for a relationship. Though the Sag guy would be more responsible in the marriage, he cannot handle things for too long all alone.

Compatibility for Sex

There would be a great level of compatibility between this duo when it comes to sex Much fun and joy would be involved here. It would be a pleasurable act and every encounter would be overwhelming. They love to have sex at the quirkiest time and the least- to do place. It would be a thrilling adventure for both.

The End game

When the going gets tough for the duo and when they want to call off the marriage, then things just come to a standstill. Both do not take the responsibility to have a balanced end that a counselor or a third person has to step in to sort things out. Usually the Gemini goes her way out easily and it is the Sag guy who would be hanging on to the final strand.

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