This double dose of such highly strong, restless airy signs ensures, that life will never be dreamy or dull. The relationship can be lively, excitable, scatterbrained, gossipy, intellectually stimulating, full of change, variety, interest or nervous tension. When this dynamic dual duo get together, there'll be four of them.

And there's only one way to describe that -double trouble! If you want to be let into a secret, it's that those twinkling twins are forever fascinated by themselves, so they can't resist the thought of teaming up with someone else born under the same, supposedly schizophrenic sign.

Gemini-Gemini Compatibility

Once they've made sure they've got lots in common, they can begin exploring intellectual avenues together-reading a whole library-load of books, trekking off to the theater, seeing five films in a week and concocting competitions to see who can meet the most new people at a party. All their mutual mates are likely to shake in their shoes when this pair form a partnership, even if it's only as friends. Geminians are the gossips of the zodiac and these two can have a field day. So when chums come over for cocktails, they won't dare be the first to head for home, in case their hosts haul their habits over the coals of their conversation.

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