The Gemini woman and a Libra man make a compatible relationship. Both are imaginative, wild, social and witty. There would be much passion and romance involved here with this duo. The individual liberty of both would not be hindered in any way. But then some clashes are to be expected in the financial front. The duo are charming to the outside world. The chemistry between the two is something that would be much talked about in public.
Gemini Woman-Libra Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Libra Couple

• Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

• Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks

Compatibility for Romance

There is no dearth for romance and passion with this duo. They are unmindful of the environment they are in when they are engrossed in romanticizing around.

There would be a excessive display of passion and emotions with these two that they would be the talk of the town.

Compatibility for Friendship

A Gemini woman and a Libra man make good friends in life. They love being together, there would be much talking involved here with this duo. Curiosity brings them together. They love to stay connected together with the latest modes of communication gadgets and make a cool combo.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Gemini woman and the Libra guy make a compatible marriage. But home is next when it comes to socializing and partying out. They hate having children and rearing them. But they make a great compatible duo for the outside world with their flirting in public and the like. They are sure to bring many eyes towards them when out.

Compatibility for Sex

There would be greater compatibility in sex between a Gemini woman and a Libra man. This would be an interesting act for both as they are psychologically complex and are emotionally dependent on each other. They have immense pleasure and like to have sex as often as possible.

The End game

The end of this relationship comes when Libra cannot tolerate the flirting and straying Gemini. If he would have thought that he could have his Gemini girl under his wraps, then it would be a disaster. But then if the Libra guy is magnanimous enough to give the much needed freedom for the Gemini girl then there would be no separation or rifts with this duo. 8/10