There would be better compatibility between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman. Though things would be fine initially, time would bring about some frustration between the duo. The Gemini man's flirting nature might annoy the Virgo woman while the Gemini guy cannot tolerate the nit-picking Gemini woman. He cannot just stand her constant criticisms and advises in life.
However they do not get bored in each other's company. They are equally intelligent and share viewpoints on mundane matters. The straying Gemini man sometimes would give the Virgo woman her much-needed space.

Gemini Man-Virgo Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Virgo Couples

• Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi

• Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynd

• Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault

Compatibility for Romance

A Gemini man and a Virgo woman share much compatibility when it comes to romance and passion in life. Virgo is one of the sexiest among the zodiac signs and the Gemini guy is a known flirt. Hence there would be no shortage for romance in this combo. Though both being airy signs, a fiery relationship grows here with much fun-fare and sparks.

Compatibility for Friendship

A Gemini man and a Virgo woman make good friends in life. The Gemini man would have someone to talk to and the Virgo girl has someone to listen to. If the Gemini man could give the Virgo girl her much needed space and privacy then this friendship can endure for long.

Compatibility for Marriage

A Gemini guy and a Virgo girl are very compatible in marriage. But then taking care of children and holding other responsibilities irks them, particularly the Gemini guy. If the wavelengths of these two intellectuals match then home would be heaven, else you would find a hell with this combo. Communication would be the key for the success of this duo in marriage. Both are not much bothered about ego and hence the relationship endures for long.

Compatibility for Sex

There would be a good amount of compatibility when it comes to having sex with this pair. They are born lovers and flirts, hence love-making would be an art for them. They talk about sex very openly and having sex would be a comfortable and satiating job for both. Gemini knows the intricacies of the act and the Virgo is a born-perfectionist, hence love-making would be the best with this duo.

The End game

When the party is over, it would be the Virgo lady who calls it off first. But by then the Gemini guy would have packed his bag and had started his hunt for another girl. 8/10