There would not be much compatibility with this pair though initially there would be an attraction with this duo. The Cancer woman would like the energy of the Gemini guy and he in turn would like her sensitivity and charm. But then the emotional Cancer cannot get long enough with the rational Gemini guy. This is not a good match to go with as the Gemini guy is too masculine and the Cancer woman is too feminine.
Gemini Man-Cancer Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Cancer Couples

• Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner

• Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollen

• Marky Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durhaam

Compatibility for Romance

Gemini is known for romance and passion that there would be no dearth of romance here with this duo too. But then the Cancer woman should exercise caution and should not be carried away easily by the Gemini guy. The Cancer girl is not noted for romance but then she would be more emotionally attached to her partner. Gemini rules the roost in this area.

Compatibility for Friendship

A Gemini man and a Cancer woman cannot make friends in life, simply because Cancer is more bent on emotions and affections rather than friendship. Gemini on the other hand is an extrovert and likes to take risks which is not the cup of tea for the Cancer girl to go with.

Compatibility for Marriage

There is unlikely to be better compatibility with this pair. But then if the Gemini man would allow the Cancer girl to nurture the family then there would be peace at home. The Cancer female is generally more bent on taking care of her household chores and other emotional needs of kids and elders in the family that she hardly has time to handle her Gemini partner. The Gemini man is an inconsistent fellow and he keeps in touch with his Cancer partner by texting and messaging rather than having an interpersonal rapport that the Cancer girl feels let down. The Cancer woman needs to have the Gemini man for her every beck and call that is not going to work out in the near future.

Compatibility for Sex

There would not be much compatibility for sex with this pair. Gemini is more into texting and messaging sensuous messages that he is cold for physical intimacy. He usually exhibits a detached behavior when at the bed. He is neither warm or cuddly that the Cancer girl feels let down here.

The End game

When things are not good with this duo it is the Cancer woman who clings to her Gemini partner. She would be begging him to stay. She feels insecure when alone and is not interested in straying off. But the Gemini guy is known to be a flirt and just walks away as if he had not been in the relationship at all. The Cancer woman stays with a broken heart for long yearning for her Gemini partner to come back. 4/10