Gemini's love of constant change and variety can be upsetting for Taurus who likes to stay put. It will be an impossible mission if Taurus should try to possess Gemini. But there could be thrills and spills if their Venus's don't meet in a heavenly hug. These two have such contrary concepts of what life should be like that they can clash time and time again.

Taureans are fixed folk, so need a steady substance to their existence. And because they belong to the earthy element, they're serious, sexy and sensuous subjects, with a passion for possession. Geminis being airy individuals,need to feel free, unhampered by the restrictions other folk try to force on them.

Gemini-Taurus Compatibility

Geminis are ruled by mischievous Mercury, making them irrepressibly impish. Even if it's in their own minds, they never grow old. The Taurueans get tired easily. Now, don't get the wrong idea and think that all taureans are tiresome, because it is nowhere from truth. Bulls love laughing and they're always amongst the first in the queue for a knees-up. But if a bull who holds his hearth and home higher in his estimations than the local lido, then there'll be trials and tribulations at every turn.

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