It would be a very compatible relationship when a Capricorn woman and a Pisces man are involved. The Pisces man would simply arouse the Capricorn girl's hidden emotions. He would love her and keep her at all times. The Capricorn female on the other hand would be loyal to her mate. Much warmth, love and loyalty would be find here with this combo. The pair would make a great marriage pair.

Usually the Pisces man would be dis-organized, insecure and needs one to ground him. The Capricorn female would be more like a mother to him, taking care of his personal and emotional needs. She makes him feel secure in life.

Capricorn Woman-Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Capricorn-Pisces Couple

•Faye Dunaway and Peter Wolf

•Kate Moss and Daniel Craig

Compatibility for Romance

There would be better romance between this pair with a high level of compatibility.

But it would be more of a motherly affection shown by the Capricorn girl on the Pisces guy. A sensual romance would be lacking here. But each can count on the other for care and comfort and solace in life. However passion is something that would be lost with this combination.

Compatibility for Friendship

There can be an enormous level of compatibility for friendship between these two. They just care for each other without any strings attached, one of the main pre-requisites for a long term friendship.

Compatibility for Marriage

This combination makes an excellent marriage, particularly a very compatible one. Raising children, comforting one another especially in old age would be the forte of this combination. There would be hope, security and confidentiality with one another. This is one combination that can withstand any sort of turmoil that come in life anytime. This comprises a soulful connection on the inner sides.

Compatibility for Sex

A Capricorn woman and a Pisces man enjoy greater compatibility in the act of sex. Though the Capricorn girl would be a little concerned and reluctant towards sex, the Pisces man makes sure that she is comfortable and satisfied with the same. He would bring her sensuous nature out to the fore. The Pisces guy would care and nurture her sexuality in a very special way.

The End game

This is one combination that is most unlikely to end. However if luck would have it then it would be the Capricorn girl to take the hasty decision. She would make sure that the Pisces man would be able to handle the split comfortably. She would then weep over spoilt milk. Also the Pisces man is not one to pack his bag and bid her goodbye but then he is likely to stray one or two times from the relationship just for the fun of flirting. Rating 10/10