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Capricorn- Capricorn Compatibility

This combination multiplies a Capricornian's cautious, conservative, realistic approach to life. With a common goal, their ambitions and perseverance will ensure success. However, if one tries to use the other for selfish ends, it can lead to much bitterness and resentment. Outsiders who are more adventurous and relaxed are likely to find this duo too serious and formal. Look at the ladder of success and you can see a couple of Capricorns. This determined duo have climbed right to the top, rung by rung, without making any song and dance about it.

Capricorn-Capricorn Compatibility
One of the terrific traits of the twosome will be that they don't want to get to the top on their own marvelous merits- they don't need any help from anyone else. Trouble is, though, that neither of them will be able to live with a failure and if one of them is a roaring rocket and the other a damp squib in the night of life, their relationship won't be a sparkling success. But if they're both cascading catherine wheels, it could be a life of roses for this twosome.

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