There seems to be some level of incompatibility between a Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman in a relationship. But then mutual trust, understanding and compromises might do wonders here with this duo. The Aquarius girl would be too independent and freedom-loving which would not be taken well by the Aquarius man. With time, the initial attraction that had set in slowly starts to wane off.

Some dissimilarities in their nature make this combination at tenterhooks at odd times. Capricorn is a conservative guy while the Aquarius girl would be much progressive which might bring about occasional rifts with this combo. But then this can also make a good and committed match with experience, commitment and patience.

Capricorn Man-Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Capricorn-Aquarius Couples

• Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley

•Ted Dawson and Mary Steenburger

Compatibility for Romance

Much compatibility would be seen in the area of romance with this pair. Indeed the Capricorn man would bring out the romance from the Aquarius woman.

The naturally romantic Capricorn male would fight with all his means to make the Aquarius girl as sensuous as possible, while she keeps denying that it is not romance but universal brotherhood, or friendship and what not..

Compatibility for Friendship

The Capricorn male is most likely to settle down in a comfortable friendly relationship only with an Aquarius girl. For the Aquarius girl friendship is more welcome than a romantic encounter. They make good friends in travel. While the Aquarius woman would be more bent on the explicit scenes, the Capricorn guy would be bent over the finer points of anything...

Compatibility for Marriage

A Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman share a very comfortable compatible marriage for life. There would be quality in the companionship. Both being conservative, they make sure that their marriage stems the tide of any sort of disintegration that the society might bring upon them. The Capricorn guy would be e cautious and slow to his moves. Though the Aquarius girl would be engrossed elsewhere she makes sure that she is there for him when he needs her the most in life. This combination constitutes a very stable marriage.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be a compatible affair when this duo are engaged in the same. It would be a physical way that grounds them together. As both live in a dreamy life, it helps them to experience reality on a more sensuous note. The Capricorn man is a very devoted lover and the Aquarius girl would give the necessary twists and turns for the act to reach the climax. Rating 9/10