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Capricorn- Libra Compatibility

This combination of Libra with Capricorn cannot easily combine as there should be some common purpose or destiny to form long term association. Capricorns are not demonstrative and do not openly indicate warmth of love and affection which Libra needs. Libra enjoys ease, luxury and self-indulgence. Capricorn takes life seriously, shoulders responsibility and can cope with austerity much better than Libra.
Capricorn-Libra Compatibility
Capricorn should remember that sharing love, affection and beautiful things is as vital to Libra as food and water. These two will support each other through thick and thin and the longer their liaison lasts, the better it will become. And because they're both cardinal creatures , they'll understand each other's ambitions. The Libran expects the Capricorn to leap on to a bend knee every now and then.The Capricorn's love may be there under the surface, but it might not be tender enough for the delicate digestion of the Libran lover.

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