There are ontrasts between the two signs of Aquarius and Virgo. It emphasizes a mental and intellectual affinity rather than a deep emotional bond. Virgo is rational, intelligent, analytical and sometimes cool while Aquarius can be dispassionate, detached, uninvolved. Virgo is careful, self-controlled, and orthodox, but Aquarius can be unpredictable, temperamental and unconventional at times.
If they're talking about getting down to business together then they could be starting off on the road to success. But if it's love they're after,they could be in for a bout of a shock.

Aquarius-Virgo Compatibility

If both of them have Venus swooning in loving and giving signs like Leo or Libra for the vestal Virgo or Pisces for the airy Aquarian, they this will be a much more tender-hearted twosome. But if placings in their charts aren't ardent and amorous, they could never find out what they mean to each other.

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