Chinese pig Horoscope

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Year 2022 would be a time when some of your wishes and desires in life get fulfilled. Your ambitions and plans get materialized and there would be many changes around. It would be a generally favorable time period for all the Pig natives. There would be goodness in your career field, you develop good terms with peers and authorities in work place. Your personal life would also be at its best.

Around mid-year, there would be a major revamp of your love life or marriage. Make use of all opportunities that come your way this year.


The year of the Tiger promises a great year for the career life of Pig people. Some committed ones would rise up to a higher position. Others might meet with major career changes this year. However the natives are advised to avoid any impulsive acts and not to rush over on things. Look out for positions that would be financially remunerative for you as well and gives you peace of mind. Those pursuing business would find the going quite smooth this year. You might have stiff competition, but ethical practices would take you to new horizons through the year.


The year ahead would be a time of good finances for the Pig folks. You would have a stable and steady inflow of financial funds. Those into business would get some tempting deals, be cautious and read the fine print before you sign any financial contracts. Do not expect a windfall in business, it would take some time to grow, may be a wait for a year or two might be needed. You can go in for high value purchases and long term investments as the year of the Tiger promises good returns. Do not be extravagant with your finances, bank on your money for future causes. Family and medical expenditure might ask for a huge chunk of your resources this year.


The year of the Tiger forebodes goodness in the love life of Pig folks. In general you are very cautious of new acquaintances, but now you can trust your instinct in love matters. Take chances and risks, who knows you might land up with your dream girl or guy this year. Around mid-year, there would be relocation owing to personal reasons like marriage or moving along with your partner. This would bring you a step closer to your partner. Look for potential matters in any encounter through the year.


It would be a year of good health and general well being for the Pig people. But do not oversee any mild symptoms that come your way. Proper diagnosis and timely medical intervention would help you a lot these days. Native are most likely to have issues with breathing and nerve troubles this year. Take occasional time off to spend with family and friends that would rejuvenate your spirits. Do not overindulge in food, drinking and smoking too, stay away from addictions of sorts.