Chinese pig Horoscope

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This is your year, all you Pig folks out there. You would be able to excel in both personal and professional year. Make all efforts to improve your personality in general these days. Also a good time to learn new skills and pursue academics of your choice. If you have been lagging behind, now would be the time to forge ahead with renewed vigor and strength.

Success is just round the corner, but you ought to locate the same, and this year would prove quite fruitful for Pig natives.


It would be an uneventful year as far as the career pursuits of Pig individuals are concerned. Simply because there would not be a stiff competition in the work place and most of you would be sticking to routine works. Natives are advised to make good use of this time to hone their skills. Learn a new trade or skill that would help you to climb up the corporate ladder. Bring your forte to the fore for now. There might be some incompatibility with peers and colleagues this year, tread cautiously.


Money and finances would prove lucky enough for Pig folks during this year of the Pig. However natives are advised to make careful use of the same. Spend money carefully as there might not be a steady flow all through the year. There might be frequent rise and falls in financial inupts through the year. Invest when your resources are ample. Try to live on bare minimum, then around the end of the year, you can indulge.


This year of the Pig would help Pig individuals to excel in love and romance. However relationships can thrive if you communicate yourself properly and sensibly to your partner or mate. Do listen to his or her needs in order for them to lend an ear to you too. Confidence and satisfaction would go a long way in strengthening your relationships these days. Make yourself more social and more available to your loved ones.

The single ones are advised to make new inroads in order to locate ideal partners in life. Learn more about your partner if you are already into one. Better compatibility would prevail all through the year. However at times, your impulsive and impatient moves might mar relationships and love. Friends might turn into potential partners for some Pig people. Family might impede your love pursuits occasionally. Beware of false friends and accusations through the year.


This year of yours would bless you with good health and much energy all through the year. You would be busy through the year, life would be simple and just easy. Hence mental and physical health remains unaltered. However as the year progresses, you might witness a fall of your energy levels, be cautious. Make all amends with your health regimen, and do not take any risks when it comes to your general health and well-being. Go in for medical intervention when the situation warrants the same. Take care...