Chinese Pig Horoscope

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The year of the Dog would be quite a comfortable and stable period for Pig natives. Through the year your sense of confidence in life increases and you would be able to grow productively. Impulsiveness is also on the cards, but beware of serious mishaps en-route. Also try to acclimatize major changes that are likely in your path through the year.


The career life of Pig natives would be an easy ride through this Chinese year of the Dog. The workload would be quite a cakewalk for you to handle. Stress and strain would not be around you through the year. However make sure that you maintain good rapport with your authorities and peers to come out successful in your professional field. A good time to make some ground work for future projects.


The finances of Pig people would be fairly good all through the year of the Rooster, however natives are advised to pay off their debts and long standing financial commitments now. Try to build a financially secure future for you as the year moves on. This would improve your sense of well-being in general. Spend some money on investments, speculations and recreational purposes as well. Delegate your finances accordingly so that you are not left empty-handed at the end of the year.


The first half of the year would be somewhat stable in the love front for pig natives. But as the year moves on there would be constant changes. Some of you might be hopping from partner to partner. Separations, legal tangles, marriages, childbirths keep you busy for the second half of the year. This year might bring about major changes in your relationship issues as well. Your partner would be changing a lot through the seasons. Take time to understand them in a better light for a successful marriage or love life.

For some Pig natives, family might be a source of concern brining about unwanted expenditure. If you are not comfortable with your finances, stay away from spending. A good time to let go off unwanted relationships and stay with the real and committed ones.


The general health of Pig people would be of average nature for the year of the Dog. There would be nothing to worry, hence your mental make-up would also be strong. Good diet planning and exercising would pave way for a healthier you as the year ends on a positive note.


The Chinese year of the Dog would be a period of extremes for Pig natives. It is up to you make use of the situations in your favour. Take opportunities as they come your way and mould your future. Problems need to be tackled head-on. Encompass goodness when it knocks on you.