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2018, the Chinese year of the Dog would be of Earth element and Yang energy. It would be an eventful year for many across the world. Major security issues of universal level are likely during the year. The year of the Dog would also be a good time for making major lifestyle changes on an individual level.

Those with excess of water and wood elements in their Chinese horoscope are more likely to feel the pinch during the year. Earth element people would find much stability in their lives during year 2018. Universal brotherhood and kinship would be given a major thrust in this year of the Dog.

The year of the Dog calls for hard work and commitment on our part, which in turn would boost our love life and financial standing. The year also gives importance to the concept of family. Dog stands for intelligence and protection and hence this would be a highly sensitive period. The Year of the Dog also forebodes violent upheavals around the globe. The next year of the Dog is due in year 2030.

Rat 2018 Chinese horoscope

Rat Horoscope

The year of the Dog would be quite a happy and satisfying period for Rat people. Occasional sadness and periods of downs however cannot be ruled out. Pursue what is good for your heart and soul. Put all your might in what you do.more...

Ox 2018 Chinese horoscope

Ox Horoscope

The year of the Dog likely to bring in major changes in the life of Ox people. But then do not get bowed down to these, instead take the changes in your own stride. If you take opportunities in your own hands then luck and fortune shall come for you.


Dragon 2018 Chinese horoscope

Dragon Horoscope

Year 2018, the year of the Dog seems to be a very impulsive period for Dragon natives. This would help you to rise high in life but then it also has its negativity around it.


Rabbit 2018 Chinese horoscope

Rabbit Horoscope

There would be major changes in the life of Rabbit natives for the Chinese year of the Dog. If you would take them in your stride then success is yours, else you are in for deep trouble through the year.


Pig 2018 Chinese horoscope

Pig Horoscope

The year of the Dog would be quite a comfortable and stable period for Pig natives. Through the year your sense of confidence in life increases and you would be able to grow productively.


Rooster 2018 Chinese horoscope

Rooster Horoscope

This year of the Dog would prove a little troublesome and worried for the Rooster natives.Lots of confusions and turbulences are in for you. There would be troubles from almost all quarters of your life.


Tiger 2018 Chinese horoscope

Tiger Horoscope

In this year of the Dog, there would be many new things happening in your life. Take that in a positive sense and keep moving. Opportunities knock on your door only once though.


Sheep 2018 Chinese horoscope

Sheep Horoscope

The year of the Dog would bring about many meaningful changes in the life of Sheep natives. Most of the changes would be centred around you and not external influences.


Monkey 2018 Chinese horoscope

Monkey Horoscope

The year of the Dog would be quite an intense and busy period for Monkey natives. Your perception and intuition would be just great to guide you through the year 2018.


Horse 2018 Chinese horoscope

Horse Horoscope

The year of the Dog would be quite happy and resourceful for Horse natives. Love what you do and there is no limit to the success you can achieve through the year ahead. This is one of the happiest period around for Horse natives.


Snake 2018 Chinese horoscope

Snake Horoscope

During this year of the Dog, you will feel freer than you have in the past years. You will have more time to do the things that you love this year. You might even feel a little more spontaneous and impulsive.


Dog 2018 Chinese horoscope

Dog Horoscope

The year of the Dog would be a better year for Dog natives than the previous years. There would be better focus in life. You know what you want to achieve in life and the ways and the means to achieve the same.


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