Chinese Dragon Horoscope

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Year 2018, the year of the Dog seems to be a very impulsive period for Dragon natives. This would help you to rise high in life but then it also has its negativity around it. Ample opportunities are abound around you, but then it is up to you to make use of this for your personal gains.

A good period to improve yourself in personal and professional circles. Be positive and work hard and the year would prove fruitful.


Dragon natives might meet with some delays and hindrances in their professional aspirations this year. But then you might find new freedom in work and ways to improvise your creativity and talents. Hard work would take you to new places this year.

Also a better balance need to be maintained between work and play. Forge a good rapport with authorities and peers in your workplace to grow up the corporate ladder. Focus on the task at hand and do not look for the proverbial bird in the bush for this year.


Dragon natives could make more money if they put in extra effort during the year of the Dog. Do not yield to extravagant lifestyle, instead save for the hard times ahead. Spend some money on family and friends to earn their goodwill. Make sure that you pay off some of your loans and debts so that the end of the year shall see you in good financial standing.


During the Chinese year of Dog, the Dragon natives would be able to attract potential partners in life . The single ones have a great year ahead. Those already in a relationship might find ways to stray, beware as trouble lurks around. Look out for a stable relationship instead of settling down in impulsive ones. If you ought to be happy in love and marriage, then commitment and better understanding are needed on your part.

Family and friends need your whole-hearted commitment for the year. Though some rifts might be experienced, this would be quite an average year as far as love and relationships are concerned. occasional conflicts cannot be ruled out though.


During the year 2018, the Dragon natives would keep good health. There would be much positive energy around you. A good time to pursue some sport or social work to relax and rejuvenate your spirits. Stress needs to be handled with care as it would show on your physical self. Good thoughts and selfless deeds would bless you with good health for the year ahead, Dragon.


The year of the Dog would bring about major changes in the life of Dragon people this year. Hence they ought to embrace change in all its fullness. Social and charity works should be taken up to give fullness in life. Keep working hard and at the same time allocate ample time for family. Find ways and means to improve yourself this year.