Chinese Horse Horoscope

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The year of the Rooster would be an average year for horse natives, much similar to the previous few years. There would be no major changes in your life. This is a good time for introspection and repair works. A good time for planning the future course of events. This would be a stable period when you can enjoy life to the fullest. Be prepared for the coming years which might be a bit hectic and intense for you.


Some sort of instability would be noticed in the career field of Horse natives during this year of the Rooster. There would be frequent upheavals in your work front with sudden change of positions, promotions, relocations and the like. Expect the unexpected in this area all through 2017. You would have compatible relations with peers in the work place. Those in business would see their prospects grow substantially. Partnership deals would work well for you in this time period.


Horse people would have stable and fixed finances in the year of the Rooster. There would be high-value expenditure related to purchase of real estate and luxury vehicles for some natives. Do not yield to temptations and avoid indulgences of sorts with finances for the year ahead. Secure your future financially by saving amply for troubled times ahead.


Love and social life would be more stable and steady for Horse people in this year of the Rooster. There would be no major changes in your love life, marriage or partner-relationships. The single ones would find themselves more passionate and sensuous this year. Those married, shall get happy news regarding conception. Friendship shall get a new meaning in your life through the year. Around the end of the year, some Horse natives would be able to locate the love of their life which has been eluding for quite sometime now. This is also a good time to start a new relationship as things would be favourable through the year of the Rooster in your love field.


In the year of the Rooster, Horse people would do well in terms of their general health and well-being. You would be full of energy and enthusiasm that this period can be used wisely to shed some light on your physical health. As the year moves on some of your energy might dissipate hence stay out of stress and strain that take a heavy toll on your health. Keep yourself fit and indulge in some sort of sport to keep yourself active through the year. Stick to routine works, however take some time off for relaxation. Do not toil too much around the end of the year, as it might have serious health implications for the long term.