Animal Sign– Horse

Horses are the nomads of the Chinese Zodiac, roaming from one place or project to the next.Interestingly,Horses always feel an urge to roam more!They possesses a sharp wit and a scintillating presence; they really know how to work a crowd. Paradoxically, Horses tend to feel a bit inferior to their peers, a misconception that

causes them to drift from group to group out of an irrational fear of being snubbed.Domestically ,Horses crave love and intimacy, which is a double-edged sword since it often leads them to feel trapped.

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Animal Sign - Horse
Love connections tend to come easily to Horses, since

they exude the kind of appeal that is a magnet to others. In

general, Horses tend not to look much at the big picture;

instead they just follow their whims, which can result in a

trail of prematurely ended relationships, jobs, projects and

so on. Once they find some peace within themselves, they

can curb their wandering tendencies and learn to appreciate what's in their own backyard.

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