Chinese Sheep Horoscope

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The Year of the Monkey would be conducive for the Sheep natives to lead a peaceful life. Domestic welfare/happiness is assured. There would be financial satisfaction in life for most of you. No major hindrances or troubles in life are forecast for this period. You would be making many changes that would improve your standard of living.

The year provides ample time to spend with your family and friends. Also your professional life would be full of satisfaction and happiness. However your emotional side should be kept under check. The year-end might bring in all sorts of distractions in life, beware.


2016 Chinese horoscope for - Sheep
The Year of the Monkey would bring in enormous responsibilities for the Sheep personalities in the professional front. Use your inherent abilities and strategies to complete the tasks at hand. Some hindrances come your way around the middle part of the year. Do not lose your hope. Your mental strength and determination would help you to tackle problems and obstacles with ease. The end of the year would reward with promotions and pay-hikes for most Sheep natives.


The year 2016 promises better finances for all the Sheep personalities. You would ride a wonderful financial journey for the year. An ideal time to retune or re-phrase your budgetary proposals. Some important things in your life would call for major financial inflow. Be careful when you handle large chunks of money. Overall the year predicts a smooth flow of revenue which need to be channelized into positive ways. Speculation and real estate ventures might do well for some of you.


The love relationships of Sheep natives would be highly enhanced in this Year of the Monkey. The singles among the Sheep personalities would be able to bond well with their partners. Peace and harmony would prevail in your love relationship. Most of you would be able to charm the opposite sex like never before. Some of you might locate their partners through online dating, or other sort of communication. An apt time to sort out differences with spouse /partner. Sheep natives can get to know their partner still better. The end of the year would bring in passionate and romantic moves in your love life.


In the Year of the Monkey, the mental and physical health of sheep personalities would be much favorable. Use this period to enhance your physical stamina and strength. Diet and exercise regimen need to be monitored well. Some accidents probable in travel, hence beware. The middle part of the year can be taken for some rest and rejuvenation. Keep a tab of your weight and stay away from over-indulgence when it comes to partying.


The year would be favorable in the domestic front for the natives, which can be used to further nourish and cherish relationships. Health needs to be handled with care as also your educational pursuits. Patience and perseverance would pay most of you at the end of the day.