Goat– Celebrities

Goats need plenty of time alone in which to feed its imagination.This Sign makes a great craftsperson or artisan, or any occupation that allows its mind the full range of freedom. Goats tend to be very ad-hoc in their way of doing things.In fact, Goats tend not to be very materialistic in general, finding plenty of riches in their own thought processes.

Julia Roberts
Chow Yun Fat
Bill Gates
Pamela Anderson
Kurt Cobain
Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Paul Michael Glaser
Mel Gibson
Bruce Willis
James Madison
William Shatner
Joe Pesci
Billy Bob Thornton
Hulk Hogan
Billy Idol
harry Connick Jr
George Harrison
Christopher Walken
Paul Gauguin
Leonardo da Vinci
Winslow Homer
Franz Liszt
Grandma Moses
Douglas Fairbanks
Rudolph Valentino
Laurence Olivier
Mark Twain
George Burns
James Stewart
Newt Gingrich
Isaac Asimov
Lord Byron
Charles Dickens
Federico Fellini
Malcolm Forbes
Joni Mitchell
Debra Winger
Barbara Walters