Chinese Ox Horoscope

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In this Year of the Monkey, Ox natives would find major changes in their lives. Family and friends would help you in all aspects of life, in times of trials and happiness as well. Your emotional strength would be at its best this season. Use your knowledge and expertise to get over legal issues in life with ease. Let optimism surround you in all walks of your life for the year.

Avoid bad company and those who might get you embroiled in unwanted controversies.This would be an ideal time to ward off unwanted relationships in life as well. The end of the year would help you to achieve most of your targets in life.


2016 Chinese horoscope for - Ox
The Year of the Monkey would be able to bring about major changes and relocations in the life of the Ox personalities. You would be able to get the good connections of authorities and elders in your professional field. Concentration would be the key to survival for the year ahead. Do not be a scatterbrain, instead focus on things one by one. Financial stability would be brought about owing to your career performance. An optimistic approach combined with your knowledge input would take you places this season. Around the end of the year, be prepared for some legal issues.


Ox natives would be blessed with good finances in this Year of the Monkey. But then you need to keep a tab of your income and outflow. Avoid unwanted expenditure and let savings be a regular feature in your life. Small savings would be a major source of comfort during turbulent times. The last quarter of the year might bring in some financial problems in life. Be prepared to handle this with tact and diplomacy. A heavy purse would instill a sense of confidence and optimism in you. Hence do not let your finances down the drain without much thoughts.


The Year of the Monkey would pose some problems for the married Ox natives as misunderstandings and rifts are to be found occasionally. But then a candid talk can work wonders in this area for the natives. The year however would help you to strengthen the bond of love in your relationships. Take time off from work to spend quality time with your loved one. This would bring out the passionate person inside you. Much romance is on the cards for the single ones among the Oxen natives. If you are trying to getting married then the year would not be the ideal time. Wait for the year to get over and then get along the process.


The Year of the Monkey shall bestow good health and cheer in the life of Oxen natives. Your energy levels would be the highest for the year. Use it wisely for constructive purposes only. Take time for socializing and short breaks. This would help rejuvenate you mentally and physically. Do not take stress and strain too much to your head or heart. Relax and let family and friends be your source of comfort and strength in times of need. Avoid over-eating or over-straining yourself by too much exercises.


Financial inflow would be quite high in your life for the year, use it prudentially. There would be great scope for higher education for the natives, hence utilize your resources as they come your way. An emotional turmoil might dampen your spirits, be prepared to handle this with a cool demeanor.