Planetary Influences - May 2024


For the past one year, Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance has been transiting through the sign of Aries. Now on the 1 st of May it transits to the sign of Taurus where it would be spending the next one year period. Taurus is ruled by Venus and from Taurus, Jupiter would be aspecting the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn during this transit.

Jupiter through the earth sign of Taurus is favorable for building things, for action, growth, learning and moving in a positive path. With Jupiter in Taurus, it escapes from the aspects of Saturn and Rahu when it was in Aries and hence gets much stronger.

The transit of Jupiter to Taurus marks the opening of new doors and avenues for our growth and indicates the seeds being planted on fertile soil and ready to sprout.



The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon join together at 24 degrees of Aries on the 7 th of May forming the New Moon for the month. The Sun is exalted in Aries and Venus is also posited therein. Jupiter had just exited from Aries.

This New Moon day is a good time to lay low, be quiet and introspect. This would be a time of healing as well. This New Moon would urge us to let go off of the past and to tread forward.

And the New Moon along with the planet Venus in Aries indicates some kind of a fresh re-start.



After a retrograde phase in April, Mercury went direct in the sign of Pisces. On the 10 th of May it transits to the sign of Aries where it would tread till the 31 st .The lord of Aries is Mars, the fiery planet.

In Aries, Mercury joins Venus which would be here for the next one week or so. Between the 10 th and 18 th of May, Mercury, Mars and Venus would be together in the sign of Aries and this is a great sign to live our passions.

Mercury through Aries helps us to reorganize and refine our plans after we had undergone some tough times and challenges earlier. This Mercury transit through Aries highlights ventures related to education, research and health that would flourish.



As May 2024 started, the Sun was transiting through Aries where it was exalted. Here it was aspected by Saturn from Aquarius. Now on the 14 th of May, the Sun moves out of Aries and into the earthy sign of Taurus, where it would be stay put for the next one month period till the 14th of June.

In Taurus, the Sun gets into the company of Jupiter which had just entered Taurus on the 1 st of May. This would bring much light and warmth in our lives. In Taurus, the Sun is devoid of many major malefic afflictions. The Sun in Taurus would promote creative projects, marriage or love prospects and staying on the path that you like and had chose.



Venus through Aries as May 2024 started moves over to its own house of Taurus on the 18 th of May. It would be transiting through Taurus till the 12th of June. During this transit it would change from the morning star to being visible in the evening sky.

During early May, Venus would have neared the Sun for a combustion. Closely following the Sun, Venus would enter Taurus after a few days' time. During this transformation of Venus we would be left to think deeply on what works for our relationships to flourish. Your individual needs not be compromised on your journey towards fulfiling your relationship goals.

Venus in Taurus is a time for self-expression and selfcare. This transit also gives good scope for improving our friendships, our family connections and concentrating on our career or business.



Once Mercury exits Pisces, Mars and Rahu or the Moon’s North node would be left alone in the sign of Pisces. This is a potent combination that makes us to push through some tough choices and snap ties and at the time take impatient and impulsive moves. Mars and Rahu together is a very powerful duo and these two being in the water sign just adds up to the equation.

However, Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces would help to bring about some stability around with it being posited in the stable earthy sign of Taurus. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu would guide us towards some strategic planning. Areas ruled over by Pisces in your natal chart would get boosted during this conjunction phase. The days ahead of conjunction would be full of energy, hence be cautious of anything exploding around, not in a literal sense though!!



On the 23 rd of May, the planets Venus and Jupiter get into exact conjunction at 5 degrees of Taurus. They would be in near conjunction with the Sun as well. This paves way for negotiations with regard to your relationships and creative pursuits.

Both Jupiter and Venus are said to be great teachers or Gurus. Jupiter teaches us how to nurture, garner knowledge and Venus teaches us social responsibility and human interactions. Look out for emphasis around these areas as these two planets get into conjunction. Though this duo is combusted by their proximity to the Sun, there would be much energy towards learning, personal growth and sustainability.



On the 23 rd of May, the Sun would be at 9 degrees of Taurus while the Moon would be opposite to the Sun at 9 degrees of Scorpio forming the Full Moon for the month of May. As always, this Full Moon would be full of energy, is sensitive and causes emotional and mental upheavals.

Around this Full Moon in Scorpio, the opposite sign of Taurus hosts the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. The Sun and Venus together in Taurus points towards establishing a good balance between the self and others.

The Full Moon in Scorpio would be aspected by Rahu from Pisces and Saturn from Taurus. This might bring about a chaotic energy around, expect major transformations as well. With Jupiter having entered Taurus, Scorpio would stand to get this aspect. This helps to bring about stabilization around after some erratic moments brought about by the aspect of Rahu and Saturn.


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