Planetary Influences - january 2024


As the year starts, on the 1 st of January, Mercury that has been in retrograde phase from the 12 th of December 2023 goes direct and this happens at 28 degrees of Scorpio. This would be a great start for the New year.

Right now Mercury is in exchange of signs with Ketu or the Moon’s South node which is the ruler of Scorpio. Mercury is known for knowledge and intelligence and Ketu for its mysterious nature. This would bring about unexpected changes as we embark on our journey through the New Year. This would be a time to change our efforts and action plans and look at things from a different perspective. After some hiatus you would be now moving out of the problem zone. Though 2024 seems promising, you would need to be brave enough to take risks all along your path.

As 2024 starts we have Jupiter in Aries, the Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo and all these are fire signs. And Jupiter and Mars are at present in exchange of signs. With Mercury still in its post-retrograde period, double-check all your plans before charting any course. You would be inspired in devising creative solutions through the year. The direct motion of Mercury in Scorpio might seem like a little out of energy as we face new environment.



Mercury turned Direct in the last degrees of Scorpio and it moves slowly and would be entering the sign of Sagittarius on the 7 th of January and would stay there till the 1 st of February. The crossing of Mercury from Scorpio to Sagittarius indicates the change of personal power towards collective societal frame. At times this effort might seem useless, however an initiative towards this would go a long way in expansion on a global level.

In Sagittarius, Mercury would be joining the Sun and Mars. This indicates something like breaking out from a hazy environment towards a very bright lit sunny terrain. During this time, Sagittarius is aspected by Jupiter from the house of Aries. And Mars and Jupiter are in an exchange of signs. This means that this would be a productive phase with Mars and Mercury working in tandem till the 1st week of February. Mercury in Sagittarius seems very relieved after some tough time in Scorpio as it was under the aspects of Rahu and Saturn there.



The first New Moon for the year 2024 occurs on the 11 th of January, which is a Wednesday when the luminaires, the Sun and the Moon join together at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign being ruled over by the planet Jupiter.

New Moon times are always periods of low energy levels and emotional upheavals and this New Moon is not an exception. Hence do not set your sight on high goals or ambitions for now. Embrace ideas that come your way as the New Moon grows through the month. Make calculated decisions and beware of the risks involved in your path through the year.



The Sun in Sagittarius as year 2024 starts would move to the next house of Capricorn on the 14 th of January and would be here till the 13 th of February. Capricorn is the abode of Saturn and Sun does not get well along with Saturn and they are said to be enemies in astrological terms.

Sun would be through the reins of Saturn for the next two month period. This indicates that though there is light at the end of the tunnel, there would be darkness for now. This is a time that calls for discipline and responsibility on our part being brought out by Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn. A times to clear the ground for fresh starts in the coming period.

In Capricorn, the Sun seems to be alone with no company and no major aspects coming on. This would be a good time for some self-care and work alone rather than joining teams. On February 13 th as the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, Mercury, Mars and Venus would be already posited therein to welcome the Sun. This would be a great time for productivity and when our energy can be used for constructive purposes.



Venus, the planet of love and romance enters the sign of Sagittarius on the 18 th of January, a few days after the Sun had exited Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, Venus would be catching up with Mars. There would be a conjunction of Mars and Venus somewhere in February 2024.

Mercury would be in Sagittarius as Venus starts to approach Mars. This brings about a friendly and conducive environment around. This is a time where the power and strength of Mars of masculine energy can be used in tandem with the creative and beautiful feminine energy of Venus highlighting our relationships.

This journey of Venus towards Mars inspires us to be creative in our pursuits and stay motivated. There would be the confluence of power with the freedom to express. Our relationships get nurtured in a positive sense and we would seek protection without compromising on our independency through the period.



For a week after the transit of Venus into Sagittarius, there would not be much planet activities around. Then on the 25 th of January, the Moon would be at 12 degrees of Cancer and would be in direct opposition (180 deg) to the Sun at 12 degrees of Capricorn. With the Moon in its watery sign of Cancer and being aspected by Rahu or the Moon’s North Node from yet another watery sign of Pisces, emotions around would be running high and wild.

There would be emphasis for security and a need for balance around. The Full Moon would ask us to bring about a balance between peace and power and individuality with respect to the collective theme.

After the Full Moon, the Moon starts to wane through the Month and it would be joining Ketu or the Moon’s Soth node on the 21 st of January. This would make us to make some adjustments as the month ends. The Full Moon guides us to prune things and relationships around as the year moves us, so that we get a better perspective of the year ahead.


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