Planetary Influences - May 2023


Venus travelled through the sign of Taurus, its own homestead for all of April, 2023. Now on the 1 st of May it moves over to the next house of Gemini and stays here till the 30 th . Venus is the planet of relationships, love and pleasure. Venus in Gemini helps us to move forward and makes us bold enough to adapt to changes.

Gemini is an airy sign, it is the home of Mercury and is presently posited with Mars. However, Mars would be in Gemini till the 10 th of May only. Hence Mars and Venus together would be transiting Gemini till this day. The transit of Venus through Gemini would bring about some movements or force in our relationships. It helps us to try out new perspectives in our relationships and alter our performance if needed. There might be opportunities for your creative pursuits and changes in our path as Venus transits through the sign of Gemini.



As May starts, the Moon would be waxing and on the 5 th of May it becomes full at 20 degrees of Libra forming the Full Moon for May. The Moon would be in exact opposition (180 deg) to the Sun presently posited in Aries. This Full Moon also forms a Lunar eclipse due to its relative position with respect to the Nodes of Moon and which would be visible in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

As always, this eclipse would also be dramatic and intense. Presently the energy around is highly charged with Jupiter just having entered Aries and Mercury in retrograde phase now. And Mars and Venus are together in Gemini. This Lunar Eclipse in Libra is happening in the house of Venus. Hence relationships, social life, and creative ventures are in for a lull period for now. Expect a stormy atmosphere around this eclipse period. However, this Lunar eclipse helps us to get a better perspective of who we are, what we want out of life and how our relationships affect us.



Mars, the planet of power, courage and aggression was in the sign of Gemini between the 13 th of March of the 10 th of May and then on the 10 th it transits to the house of Cancer. It would be here till the 1 st of July. Cancer is a watery sign, and the transit of Mars into Cancer would bring about some shock and refreshing trends as well. Mars is very vulnerable in the sign of Cancer, being ruled over by the luminary Moon.

Mars in Cancer is a position that helps us to keep trying in life despite troubles and defeats all around. Now your focus would be on the obstacles before you with this placement of Mars. Mars in Cancer would be aspecting the signs of Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius by its 4 th , 7 th and 8 th house aspects and this helps us to forge ahead.

Libra is now posited with Ketu or the Moon’s South node and it has obstructive tendencies. The aspect of Mars from Cancer would bring about some solution to the obstructing problems. The aspect of Mars over Capricorn is a positive indication, it encourages us to keep moving forward. The aspect of Mars on Aquarius would be a bit uncomfortable but it would be liberating in the end. And Saturn in Aquarius has the tendency to slow things down while the aspect of Mars on Saturn would push things forward.



Mercury that had been retrograding for quite sometime goes direct on the 14 th of May in the sign of Aries. The Sun would be shortly exiting the sign of Aries and this asks us to lay low for sometime and do some reflections. As Mercury goes direct, we would be once again racing with our routines. Do wait for the post- retrograde phase of Mercury to end before venturing into commitments in personal and professional lives. The remnant energy of Retrograde Mercury still prevails around.

Mercury goes direct at 12 degrees of Aries and would be in Aries till the 7 th of June after which it transits to the house of Taurus. Use this post retrograde phase of Mercury to organise your stuff, assess your resources and recalibrate yourself to go forward. Find ways to improve your efficiency as well.



Closely after the eclipse, the Sun moves out of Aries and into the earthy sign of Taurus on the 14 th of May. It would be here till mid-June. The Sun was exalted when it was in the sign of Aries. Now the Sun in Taurus brings about some clarity as to what we are going to work on in the ensuing period. A sense of transparency would prevail.

The Sun in Taurus guides us to get in touch with mother Nature. With summer setting in this would be a good time to go on nature walks and rejuvenate your body and mind. Settle down and look out for inspiration for your creative pursuits. Just slow down and enjoy what life is going to offer you as the Sun transits through Taurus for a month period.



After the Full Moon and the Lunar eclipse combination that occurred on the 5 th of May, the Moon starts waning. Then on the 19 th of May, it gets New at 5 degrees where it gets into exact conjunction(0 deg) with the Sun at 5 degrees of Taurus. The Moon is said to be Exalted in the sign of Taurus.

During the days surrounding the New Moon we feel very low, drained and exhausted. Getting out, socializing and the like would help you get back on track. Relax, retreat, take good food and ample rest to tide over the effect of this New Moon.



Venus that has been transiting through Gemini from the 1 st of May exits it to the next sign of Cancer on the 30 th . It spends most part of June in the sign of Cancer wherein Mars is also posited. Expect some fluid atmosphere around with the Mars-Venus combination treading through the watery and emotional sign of Cancer, the abode of Moon.

The duo through the sign of Cancer would bring about some chaotic but passionate and intense energy around. This is a good time to take stock of your resources, pay off money owed to others, clarify any agreements you are into and getting rid of anything that is not bringing in any resources for you in the near future.


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